"For the King"


Hunter down!

It’s not looking good for my party in my first game since it left EA. I’m running with a Blacksmith, Hunter, and Scholar.

  • My Hunter’s dead without any lives remaining
  • I’m on the first turn of the 5-turn night cycle
  • A Scourge is about to be released upon the realm
  • And a third Chaos incursion looms on the horizon!

At least I’ve accrued 31 Lore thus far!

I’ve loved this game since Day 1 of EA, and it’s only gotten better since. Great game!


That’s the great thing about dying. You finally get to spend all that lore. I just lost a party in last encounter in the King’s Maze with something like 25 lore. It was great!



I beat the final boss on my second attempt on the default (easy) difficulty, sitting at around 10 hours playtime. Had about 85 lore in total from both attempts, so I do not think it takes unreasonably long to unlock everything in the store.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I really like the aesthetic of this game, it all blends together rather well and it certainly feels a notch above all the generic-comicy-WoW-style-of-graphics. Entering a dungeon made me tense with anticipation (and fear) every time and I really liked the progress meter showing the number of remaining stairs and bosses. Fortunately, my stress level playing the game always felt just right, whereas playing something like Darkest Dungeon was sometimes more stressful than enjoyable (even though I ultimately did finish that beast of a game as well). Loved the Tolkien reference with the pipes (pipe upgrades are very recommended!).

I agree with everybody who says the movement is tedious. I made frequent use of portal and teleport scrolls, the haste sanctum, boats and dungeon entrance portaling, but it still felt tedious to me. I agree that you can’t simply get rid of that aspect of the game, but it’s not something I enjoyed very much. I also feel that the combat lacks strategic depth. I usually felt that for any given character and set of equipment, the optimal combat turn was pretty straightforward for almost all enemy types. Darkest Dungeon, for instance, offered me a lot more meaningful choices on each character’s turn. The UI needs a serious overhaul. I didn’t find any shortcuts for selecting skills, nor did there seem to be shortcuts for targeting specific enemies, i.e. slot 1, 2, or 3. I sometimes had a nasty selection bug that prevented me from targeting opponents other than the middle one. Inventory management is a chore. There really should be an option of showing all of your character’s inventories at once with the option of dragging and dropping items. With the exception of trinkets, item progression was rather dull, with clear incremental increases from tier to tier.

Some tips:
Dungeons are much easier when your characters are one or two levels above the dungeon’s displayed level. I liberally strolled around killing a lot of overworld enemies for this. Never willingly engage with one or two party members, do try to use ambush when attacking with your awareness party member.
Pipe upgrades are key. Always buy godsbeard when given the choice. I generally favored pipe upgrades and herbs over item purchases.
My best item, by far, was the book of healing I picked up in the first third of the game. Mass heal is super powerful. Even more powerful, however, was the time jump / chrono shift ability (can’t remember the name exactly, the wiki seems to list an outdated set of abilities) which effectively makes one opponent skip a turn. It is, by far (!), more useful than stun and makes controlling single powerful opponents extremely easy. I don’t think I would have finished the game successfully without this ability.
Always make sure to have a sanctum on each hero, as they essentially give you an additional life. Destroying chaos generators gives you extra life points or the option of banning a scourge, so do try to find each and every one of them. That said, killing scourges actually rewards you with powerful item drops, so do not ban all scourges just because you can.
For my playthrough, the sea caves were excellent for levelling and loot.
Not sure about the best quest rewards, I generally went for money or chaos reduction. Always pick up quests if you can, even if you are not sure you can finish them in time (you usually can).

Has anyone tried this coop? I am somewhat reluctant to push a friend into buying this, as I suspect the tedious movement and the rather shallow combat will suck the fun out of this rather quickly…


Excellent update dropping on June 21!

  • Endless Dungeon Mode
  • House Rules
  • Character Stat Overview (finally, and with tooltips!)

Darkest Dungeon expansion (The Color of Madness) on the 19th and this update on the 21st. It’s a great time to be a TBS lover!


I started playing this a couple days ago and have 10+ in so far. I’m playing the campaign on the middle difficulty, and something tells me I should have started on the easiest one. The first several quests are pretty easy. I get to the point of having 1 of the 3 keys and I fall behind the power curve. I’m keeping chaos in check. I died with my party at level 4.

I like the basic gameplay loop. The battles are fairly simple but offer enough choice to remain interesting. It could use greater enemy variety as there are quite a lot of battles, especially considering the gained experience is necessary. I’ve used the lore I gained in my first 2 games to unlock a couple items and map encounters.

If I continue to play, I’ll probably drop down to easy (if I’m able to keep my unlocks). I need to find a way to earn XP faster to I am the right level to take on the key locations. I’ve been fighting them a level or 2 below their specified level.


Are you taking all of the offered side quests (one per town)? And, I guess, visiting all of the towns? I don’t remember the leveling curve being a problem for me.


I think I did, but maybe I didn’t scope out part of the map and missed something.


I did a bit better and made it to the last room of The King’s Maze. My 3rd loss on normal difficulty. It’s become too repetitive for me and I think I need to play so,me other games - maybe i’ll come back at some point. I always find it hard to walk away when I’ve failed to meet the challenge.


I’d strongly suggest that you play on beginner difficulty until you win a few times and get a bunch of unlocked equipment and classes. Trust me, beginner is plenty hard enough in this game and playing as normal without anything unlocked or knowing the game meta is likely going to be an exercise in frustration for most new players. You are in fact pretty much guaranteed to fail.


If I play again I’ll drop it down to easy.


I definitely had more success on easy then the middle difficulty. I pretty much rolled right along until I needed to go to the 2 dungeons to get the power sources. The first one did a lot of damage and made me go through a lot of my hoarded consumables. The 2nd for some reason didn’t trouble me.

When I headed to the final destination I exited the game and made a backup of my save. I was at the point I was ready to be done. I got to the final room without too much trouble and backed up again. After losing the final fight I realized I had a bad weapon choice for one of my characters. Unfortunately right before my backed up my first save I sold of my extra items.

My choice was to load up the first save and grind to get another weapon, then fight my way back up the tower to the final battle, or to just try the final fight again. I failed again, then changed my targeting tactics and won. So, it was a cheesy victory but like I said I was ready to stop and I have a difficult time stopping after getting so close to the end.

If I could change one thing is that I wish the game had an encyclopedia that kept info on the enemies the player already encountered. There are some enemies where it would pay to switch out equipment and my memory isn;t good enough to keep the info in my head. It would be good to recall who has armor, what kind of attacks they have, etc…

Not a bad little game. I didn’t even mind the movement. The battles do get repetitive though.


Glad to hear you made it through!

Now that you’ve won, don’t forget to spend your hard earned points to unlock more of the good stuff for your next run. Some of the weapons you can unlock are really nice. Plus, there’s the character unlocks.


Man I am terrible at this game. I consistently get wiped at or immediately after the first mandatory dungeon (Glittering Mines). I am playing on ‘normal’ difficulty (probably should drop down to easy but lore is so hard to call me by) and I’ve unlocked the herbalist and a few other random things.

Who’s got some tips for me? I must be getting something basic wrong. Any recommended let’s plays for the early game (other than Tom’s which I watched most of and enjoyed)?


You’ll get way more lore playing on apprentice. The reduced lore production is offset and then some by the fact that you can actually get pretty far in the game. I’ve made it all the way to the last battle (though not won yet) on apprentice, I’m lucky to survive the second area on journeyman.

I really love this game. It’s got a nice, crunchy “every choice matters” feel to it. I do wish it was a little more forthcoming with the math in the tooltips, but that’s my only complaint.


The main things I remember, though I haven’t played in a little while:

Make sure you take all the quests you can get (one per village), and you probably want the item rewards early on if they’re useful or the money if they aren’t, not the xp.

If you see for sale an item (either a weapon or a necklace/ring) with the trait that makes that character’s healing herb use affect everyone, buy it and then only have the character with it equipped buy pipe upgrades. It’s not super uncommon to find so I’d suggest not even buying pipe upgrades until you have it.

In the early game when your stats aren’t so high, getting weapons with only 1-3 icons per attack is a big deal, or rather the neat weapons with 4-5 aren’t nearly as good as they look.


That’s a really helpful set of advice. I would note that the herbalist (once unlocked) starts with that group heal ability and is also a pretty great caster in their own right, so may be a good choice when available. I don’t leave Oarton without one, these days.

I usually focus more on chaos reduction quests (even early) than item ones, though it depends on whether the items on offer are any good or not. It’s possible, though, that I’m more focused on chaos reduction than is actually good strategy.


Regarding chaos reduction, if I complete the quest early, like before I have any chaos built up, does it reset the chaps timer, or is it wasted?

Thanks for the tips. I may bump down the difficulty when I get home.

I really like the mechanics of this game. I should try to get a little deeper into it.


It’s wasted. I don’t think I ever do those quests. The bosses you find on the overworld (the ones who, when you kill them, lower chaos) also have very good unique loot, so kill them when you find them if you’re at full health.


No, it isn’t, at least not according to the game documentation. It removes the next chaos increase regardless of whether it can be seen on the timeline. Based on experience, that does seem to be what’s happening.

On journeyman or above I rarely do any other kind of quest, because chaos increases so fast that I’m drowning in it if I don’t. Perhaps it you’re playing really efficiently in terms of time, that’s not necessary, though I rarely find item quests that have an item I’d actually want. If chaos isn’t an issue I tend to go for money instead, considering how many good shops there are (especially once you have some of the unlockables spawning). I don’t claim to be great at this, though, so maybe that’s the wrong tack. :)


To second the above response, it’s definitely not wasted as it removes the next chaos increase. As far as I can tell, it stacks infinitely this way, though admittedly this isn’t made obvious to the player.