"For the King"

I mean, it works, because Google is better at search than Wumpus :)

Just noting that there’s a similar logic at play, there. (IIRC, Google may have even gone down to 2 letters for the default ignore at some point, and they have enough other automated and manually programmed behaviors invested by this point that even that is rarely a limitation)

I actually own a copy. Love the concept, and there are interesting tidbits in it, but it’s not much of a game by modern standards. I’d love to see a full remake someday.

I recall liking it back when we played, but I’m not sure we were very good judges of game design as 13-year-olds.

Nice to see this receiving due praise and love. Shortly after the original release I played the main campaign to completion on medium difficulty. That was a freakin tough challenge.

I loved the per character movement, loved the wonderfully rich, vibrant, living world, loved the character development and items. Despite the story being pure vanilla fantasy it landed well with me and felt humorous, maybe even satirical, without being self deprecating.

There were some niggles too. Inventory management was a bit fiddly. The frequency of misses in combat got frustrating. Perhaps the worst aspect was the hyper-inflation of the economy as this encouraged attempts to buy up key consumables whilst they were still low priced. In practice this meant delaying completion of the main quest milestones whilst visiting as many towns as possible. Sure, you can use willpower to not do this, but I did not like feeling pushed in this direction.

Despite often disliking “timers” in many games I appreciate the chaos mechanic in this one. It serves to create a sense of pressure but also progress given the options to delay and reset it.

Thanks for the reminder. This thread was making me doubt why I bounced off this game. Now I recall why it wasn’t my thing. :)

I hesitate to answer this. I have read similar comments. There are plenty of reports about frame rate or crashing issues. I have not experienced that. I booted it up for a bit last night to see if I was misremembering and it played fine. Maybe it was when the map was more revealed and zoomed out that frames dropped? I don’t remember a crashing issue. From reading up just yesterday, perhaps it is a multiplayer issue as I always played solo. It might be cart versus digital; I have digital.

The main thing I notice is that when playing with a controller over a mouse some parts of the interface are less accessible. You can still get to them, it is just less accessible than just mousing over a buff icon for example (instead it is thumbstick press then move cursor with stick, then thumbpress again to deactivate cursor). On the Switch, the initial loading time is a lot slower, but fine once in the game.

I dunno what to say. Maybe I was lucky? I just really like the flexibility offered by the Switch. I can play For the King when, total random example that totally is not relevant, when the rest of the house wants to binge watch some reality TV show, but I still want to have “family time.” I just pick up the Switch and half pay attention to the producer edited and planned drama, er, I mean TV show.

This is absolutely one of my favorite couch co-op games ever. My wife and I have had a ton of fun with it.

Really? I may have to actually give it a go. Originally I thought it would be, but my plays tend to have the heroes so bound together that I felt like the agency of each player would be fairly watered down. “Oh, you moved there, I guess I need to move within 2 hexes so we can all be in the fight” sort of thing.

Thank you for the detailed reply!
The flexibility the Switch offers is one of its strong points, I agree.

It’s very much like a co-op board game. So, yeah, it’s not really about acting independently, but more planning together and sharing in the fun. There’s also a semi-competitive co-op mode that I haven’t tried.

Honestly, I’m not sure if FtK would be engaging for me as a single player. A lot of the fun comes in being able to swear at the TV together when we miss like a 95% RNG.

Ha! The RNG induced swearing feature is 100% in the single player game. This game is like fantasy X-Com at times. It will remind you that 95% is not 100% for what sure feels like more than 5% of the time.

I’m so happy to see that IronOak decided to release additional content for this game!

And “first” implies there will at least be a second one, right!?

This game is the game that keeps on giving. A very solid “board game” video game. Also see: Armello.

Holy crap that’s great news, I was afraid they were done with it. Honestly, I feel guilty for getting this thing for $12 considering the mountain of post release modes and support it got. IronOak has a fan for life here, I’m more than happy to snap up anything they want to produce for this game on preorder.

I believe this is the first paid DLC they’ve had, right? I’ll buy it even if it’s bad just because of all the previous modules / adventures they added to the base game for free.

Yeah. I have bought it twice (PC and Switch) though to make up for my guilt. It looks like DLC x2 for me.

This is coming up as a freebie on Epic Game Store from February 4 to 11th. Totally worth it as every “DLC” has been both significant and free up to this point, plus the game itself is very solid.

Just popping in to say the Lost Civilization adventure pack was released yesterday. I bought the base game a while ago but just started playing it last week. When I started I couldn’t stop and now I’m setting up multiplayer games with my friends and family. It’s hits all of the right spots for me - exploration, character growth and customization, and cool loot. It also has relatively simple mechanics so I can make good decisions about which upgrades I want and which loot I should sell. I just started the adventure pack and so far, so good, but I’ll be doing a multiplayer dungeon crawl with my friends this weekend. The expansion and base game are on sale and can be bought for around ten bucks on Steam. You can also still get the base game for free on Epic for another couple of hours.

Thank you, just grabbed it in the nick of time!

Anyone know if the expansion is going to Switch? Or when? I prefer the portable option, but maybe I need to be tied to my PC again.