For the Logitech mouse users - how do I change scroll speed? LOL

Their software is beautiful but wow can’t figure out how to do the simplest thing of all. Change how many lines the mouse wheel scrolls. In many games I want it to scroll super fast so when I zoom in/out it take less scrolls of the mouse wheel. But I can’t find that option anywhere in Logitech’s software. I know I can do it it in Win10, but I’d prefer to make changes in Logitech’s software. I have G502, but the software is probably the same for all of Logitech’s modern mice.


have you tried the button directly beneath it? you can’t adjust it though. it’s freewheeling or clicky toggle.

I have used that. But I’d like to just not have to wheel so much. Just kinda instantly zoom to max, and zoom to far with just a little turn of the scroll wheel. Some of the games I play, I’m probably whipping that scroll wheel miles a day - feels like it hehe.

yeah i don’t know how to adjust the scrolling speed on x number of lines on it. i have the same mouse.

Does the windows settings not work?

Edit: Oh, you’re insisting on the Logitech software to do that. I am not sure if it even has that option.

It’s right there on the right for me. It didn’t look like you could change it per application, though.

The Logitech software has changed a lot since that. I was hoping it could be adjusted per application like everything else. Plus, I thought it bizarre they left it out of their fancy new software.

I’ve got some newer Logitech software at home so if I remember I’ll see if I can find where this is. I’ve configured my mouse to do all sorts depending on the game so hopefully it won’t be too much trouble to speed that scrolling up!

The Logitech gaming mice use the Logitech Gaming Software.

The last screenshot is from SetPoint which may or may not control the G502. I’ll check mine.

Just confirmed SetPoint does nothing for the G502. It controls “normal” non-gaming mice.

Yeah my G502 has that button. Definitely click type for weapon switching. Smooth for web surfing.

I had a look in the Logitech Gaming Software and couldn’t see anything @jpinard! I’m going to guess that the only way of adjusting the scroll wheel sensitivity is through Windows and not the Logitech software. Pretty much as @Lamalo says:

It does work. Running Logitech gaming soft ver. 9. (which has no setting, as stated)
The Windows setting for Scroll Number of lines works properly.

I remember when Logitech SetPoint combined with UberOptions was the best.

I remember when three years ago JP had an issue with his mouse.


If you hold down the button behind the scroll wheel it should make it better

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