For the love of Ghyslain

Seriously, sign it. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but this is the only thing that will get me into a theatre to see a Star Wars movie. No joke. I didn’t see the last one and I won’t see the next one. Unless Lucas Does The Right Thing.


“The Star Wars Kid is a 15-year-old from Quebec known only as Ghyslain – his parents are keeping his last name secret to protect his identity.”

Is this sentence telling me that his first name is Ghyslain? Because I sort of thought he was being called Ghyslain to keep his last AND first name secret.

From the thread title, I thought Ghyslain was going to be the name of some fruity elf god. What has this whole Star Wars kid thing taught us? That this is what happens when you’re French Canadian.

If the kid gets into to Star Wars, does that mean the goobs from that LARP video get to be in Return of the King?

His full name was revealed when his family filed a lawsuit regarding the theft of the video.,1284,59757,00.html


Ohhh! So they’re protecting his first name by cleverly transposing the “i” and the “a”. Tricky! Fooled the petition author, at least.

I guess their spellchecker missed that one. :) They did manage to spell his name correctly in the rest of the article though.

Oh! I retract that then. I don’t know why but Ghyslian seemed to make more sense as a first name. Maybe it’s because, to me, Ghyslain looks sort of Internet handle-ish.

Apparently Ghyslain is a fairly common name in Quebec or something. Wacky Frogs.

Anyway, this kid can fuck right off, as far as I’m concerned. It was cool at first, but when he started suing people and talking about how he was so traumatized that he dropped out of school and all that, I lost what little sympathy I had for him. This could have been his shot at a brilliant 15 minutes of fame, and he (or perhaps his parents, doesn’t really matter which at this point) simply fell back on the old Victim Culture routine.

You know, I think every Star Wars fan has done something goofy with a lightsaber-esque item at one time or another, but what kind of a complete nutbar videotapes themselves doing it? If you’re dumb enough to not only do that, but to not destroy and/or guard that tape with your life afterward, you deserve whatever you get.

Sure wish I’d gotten free money, iPods, and roles in historic motion pictures when I did stupid shit in high school.



I thought he was acting out some sword or pole-fighting sequence from Soul Caliber?

No freakin’ way, Tom. I’m not signing that.

The last thing I want to do is encourage George Lucas to put more inane, silly crap in the movies. I want the coolness of the Empire Strikes Back, er, back.

Fuck Jar-Jar.

Yeah, John Carter, and I want world peace. Guess what? Ain’t gonna happen. Now go sign the petition.

FWIW, I don’t think Ghyslain was necessarily doing a Star Wars routine. I’ve discussed this before, but he’s not making the right mouth noises to be playing lightsaber, plus he’s not holding the golf ball retriever correctly to emulate a double-bladed lightsaber staff. I’m in the camp that thinks he’s imitating someone like Kilik in Soul Calibur.

But still, his presence is the only thing that will get me into the theatre to see whatever piece of crap Lucas is shooting right now.


My favorite part of his kata is when he steps up and fronts the camera like a badass…

Only if a young Han Solo runs over his ass in the opening credits of the movie, then I’ll sign up. Write up the script, let me have final say on it and we have a deal. World peace be damned!

Yeah, John Carter, and I want world peace. Guess what? Ain’t gonna happen. Now go sign the petition.

Who’s John Carter? Jimmy Carter you mean?

And, I agree with Keil.


Yeah, John Carter, and I want world peace. Guess what? Ain’t gonna happen. Now go sign the petition.

Who’s John Carter? Jimmy Carter you mean?

Sigh. What are they teaching you kids in school today? :wink:

John Carter was a character from one of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series. The John Carter series was about an Earth man who ended up on Mars and discovered a civilization there. He becomes a Warlord of Mars. Edgar Rice Burroughs was most famous for writing Tarzan.

Which is probably why he didn’t get the joke you four-armed green man!

Almost 90,000 signatories? Wow. How many did n’Sync get ?

Seriously, I’ve heard of this thing but not seen it. Anyone have a link to a non-game-internet-filter-friendly site so I can see it?

He had 160,000 reasons to play the Victim card.

Most people will lose respect for him because of it, but is that considered important by the humans of today?

Maybe his next lawsuit can be for reason of emotional trauma resulting from the disparaging remarks he receives after winning his first lawsuit…

Ghyslain: Show me the Money!

Oh by the way, do you mind posting these humiliating pictures of me on the internet? I’m a bit behind on the house payments and am a fragile man who cannot stand people laughing at me.

Their talent is their fragility. Gotta milk that cash cow for all its worth.

Personally, I’m not going to sign this one (I rarely do). I think the response to this poor kid is as humiliating to him as the tape itself. I think the petition should actually read, “We the undersigned humbly request that Star Wars stops blowing ass.”

Which is probably why he didn’t get the joke you four-armed green man![/quote]

Did anyone catch the hilarious bits in the second year of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” comics, where John Carter is responsible for defeating the aliens, who then leave Mars for Earth, to start the War of the Worlds?