For the Motherland! (DCS AAR)

Comrade schurem, your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you better do, zampolit has your name in his little black book is to go out and intercept the unknown radar contact coming in off the black sea.

This switch goes like this, that one like that. Click click clickety click… zzzzzzoooooOOOOOOO Here we go.

Off to defend the rodina.

'Sup Vladimir.

Last one to catch a capitalist buys the vodka, suckers!

Kick the tires and light the fires!

We have lift-off .

Into the wild blue yonder, gonna get me some of that precious medal to pin on my chest.

Oh yes, Olga and Irena will love that, a nice Lenin-order or Meritous Service Award on my uniform. It’ll melt the ice right quickly. …Oh da, ground control, vector 135, spasibo, right away!

First report he was at 165 for 90, now at 135 for 40, better steer 120 and light the cans.

I bet he’s way up there, but I’ll get him!

Found the bastard! And he’s toting a full load of imperialist hate too! Well he can have some of this righteous indignation…

Fly true, arrows of the motherland…

Zasplatka! Cyka blyat! No more american pie for you, stinking cowboys! Ride your silk straight to the gulag! Ha!

The little black smudge in the field right above the cockpit is where my comrades will fruitlessly dig the wreckage for secrets of the imperialist agressors.

Now where was home again? Let’s see, there’s the Kubani river, there’s the Varnavinskoye lake … That way.

Popping some fireworks over the Krymsk airfield to celebrate the kill. Urrah! I shall not be paying for vodka this evening!

A nice hot break to make sure both Olga and Irena know I was flying today.

Oh she’s a dirty bird turning onto finals.

Kissing the tarmac with well over three quarters of the main tank full.

…Aand parking it where I found it. She’s Boris and his crews’ care now.

This AAR is of one of the simplest scenarios that come with the MiG-19P for DCS. There’s also a 8 or 9 part interactive training syllabus where a dude with a thick Russian accent teaches you what all those switches and buttons do. It also comes with a scripted and fully voiced campaign done by one of the best mission authors DCS has.

The MiG-19P Farmer is a shit hot crate that is almost as fast as it looks. It’s fairly agile, sturdy and relatively vice-free. By that I mean the jet will not try to kill you, your spouse and your grandkids if you look at it askance. It has a completely useless bit of garbage in the nose that passes for a radar and two of the most awesome guns ever bolted to an aircraft. Yes even more awesome than the A-10’s GAU-8A. They don’t go BRRrrrrRRRt like gattling guns do, but kaPOW, kaPOW, kaPOW and they will fuck you up Russian style.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you as well, see if we can bring the once lively AAR tradition this forum used to have back to life a bit.

Purty! Please continue.

Also I didn’t know the Soviets said “kick the tires and light the fires.” ;)

Of course they didn’t lol but I felt it made sense here :)

I flew the mission in VR and then reloaded the sim in 2D, maxed the graphics settings and ran the track. Hence all the more or less carefully posed outside screenshots.

Brings to mind the excellent Spintires AARs with their similarly flavoured soviet banter.

Moar puhleez

Nice mate! More!

Picked up the MiG-19 in the sale. She sure is purty.

If you need help or pointers getting the beast tamed, ask away. Except about the radar. All I know about that is that it is utterly useless but the coolant is 90proof and must be mixed with orange juice unless you want to wake up naked in the enlisted men’s mess with your mustache half shaved and your face full of swastikas, penises and dollar signs.


Fagots through Farmers are sexy machines.

Will you guys mind if I utterly spoil the campaign script for the MiG-19P?

AARing these up takes about half as much time as flying them, but its fun to do so expect a new one soon(ish).

Nope! Will not mind! ;)