For those looking into Resident Evil 4 PS2

Link passed to me by colleague who is huge fan of Resident Evil. Site apparently puts both the PS2 and Game cube versions side by side. PS2 version didn’t seem to fare too badly:

Apologies if this has already been posted.

Not too bad, but the GC’s lighting is vastly superior. Damn. Oh well, don’t own a GC, and won’t be paying $100 just to play RE4.

There are a lot of other good games on the GC then just RE4.

so is it worth it to pick up for ps2 if you already played the heck out of the gc version?

If you’re a strategy fan, I think it’s worth getting a Gamecube just for the upcoming Fire Emblem game releasing next week. All signs point to --> Classic <–


There’s a bunch of new content in the PS2 version so if you’re a huge fan of the game, then yeah, I think you’d find enough in the PS2 game to make it worthwhile. Personally, I’ll wait til it’s $20 because I do have the Gamecube one and there’s so many other things to play right now.


Come on, a “bunch?” Isn’t it just a new level and gun? Weak.

From Gamespot’s Preview:

[i]You’ll find a new weapon, P.R.L. 412, which is a compact version of the parasite-destroying laser from the original.

There are new costumes for Leon and Ashley

A brand-new five-chapter game called Separate Ways that stars Ada Wong. The chapters are set throughout Leon’s RE4 experience, and you’ll see what Ada was doing while Leon was busy fighting for his life. For example, the bell that saved Leon at the start of the game was rung by Miss Wong.

Capcom has crafted an all-new battleship level that’s exclusive to the PS2.[/i]

I think that qualifies as a “bunch.” The GC version does look significantly better, though. There appear to be more villagers in certain shots. And more ambient visuals elements like trees, shrubs, etc.

Man, do I love retconning.

They never really sold the cube as being a lot more powerful than the PS2 - but those screenshots sure do make the point.

With a frew exceptions, the Dreamcast was more powerful than the PS2. The weakness of the ps2 isn’t unknown.

Dreamcast certainly had the visuals to put the PS2 to shame in most cases. Plus it was easy as hell to program for.

You Dreamcast fanboys are insane. Have you SEEN a Dreamcast game recently? Comparing Burnout Revenge or SC3 to the Dreamcast’s best is like night and day – the PS2 slaughters the Dreamcast on just about every technical level save image quality.

I love my Dreamcast. It’s probably still about number two all-time as consoles go for me. But Doug’s right… PS2 is by far technically superior in graphics. You simply could not make a game like God of War on Dreamcast. There are plenty of other games that illustrate the differences, too.

Image quality was better. That’s very true. However, it simply could not push the polygons that the PS2 can push.


Boy, I sure am glad Capcom listened to all those complaints about the GC version being too colorful and gave everything a nice coat of brown for the PS2 version. Seriously, is there any conceivable technical reason for that? It certainly doesn’t look better.

just read psm and they gave it a 10 out of 10. From the screenshots the game looks somewhat the same, but the enviroments have a washed out look to me.

$100? Are you insane? Go to game crazy and you can buy the GC for $49 used with 12 free rentals.

honestly at this point anyone that does not have a GC has to be mildly retarded.

The PS2 is notoriously memory starved. Looks to me like all the RE4 textures are compressed to 4 bits per pixel, sharing various 16 colour palettes - mostly shades of brown.

How is it memory starved? The 4MB of VRAM doesn’t work like a PC card’s VRAM, and has long since been worked around to spectacular effect. The PS2 has many games with higher-resolution and higher color-depth textures than the Dreamcast, including Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 3, Champions of Norrath, Burnout Revenge et al. Hell, even the GC renders to 16-bit output for many games like RE4 and Skies of Arcadia – the PS2 RE4 doesn’t suffer from the color banding issues the GC version does.

I dug the Dreamcast a lot back in the day – in fact, I was initially cheering for it over the PS2 – but really, have any of you PLAYED a DC game recently? Ouch. Ooogly. The best looking one is either Soul Calibur or DoA2, and neither of those hold a candle to the PS2’s best, visually.

I also think the Gamecube hardware is really top notch given the form factor and the price, but let’s not be blind to its flaws, either: the 16-bit color rendering output is a real problem with many games – banding is just gross – and of all the consoles, it is probably the most memory starved despite the S3TC support. The PS2 RE4 took a hit in polygonal detail and per-pixel effects (as expected), but it also runs in a higher resolution, has full 16:9 support, and doesn’t have the 16-bit color dithering issues found in the GC version.