For those of us new to the 360

What do we need to know? I haven’t paid attention to any of the 360 threads for the last year…at least in regards to games. I don’t like spoilers and I didn’t have the system. So what older 360 games should I be looking for? I know the newer ones and the upcoming releases (Gears, Bioshock, etc.). I’m looking for things like Gun maybe (if it’s good). I have Dead Rising, and it’s great. Any genre will do. I like most game types, and I want this list to work for other newcomers to the system.

Tom’s favourite type of thread!
Viva Pinate, Call of Duty 2, Enchanted Arms is okay, Crackdown, Saints Row, GRAW (used copies can be found found really cheap now), GRAW2, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Tony Hawk’s Project 8…

I wasn’t a big fan of Prey, but some people thought it was a decent FPS. It was definitely better than Quake 4.

You can play a lot of these as demos first, so get to downloadin’!

Good point, but often the demos don’t do full justice to the games. That’s why I prefer asking people who have actually invested time in them.

And I had no clue Tom was starting to dislike these threads. They are the heart of Qt3!!!

Crackdown is the only game that has been able to tear me away from Guitar Hero for a protracted period. It’s got some issues, but it’s the first GTA-style game (including GTA) that I played the hell out of. The levelling is insanely addictive, and the joy of transitioning from kind of kicking everyone’s ass to slaughtering your foes on a massive scale is very satisfying.

Truth be told, that’s about the only one I would go out of my way to recommend since you’ve already got Dead Rising. I have others like Gears that I own and appreciate, but they don’t do that much for me. I’ve probably played Geometry Wars more than any of the others, and that’s just because I can be masochistic when it comes to video games.

I didn’t think Gun was very good as an Xbox game, and from what I understand the 360 version is only marginally improved. It was fine as a filler game between titles, but it’s nothing special. Unless you really, really, really love cowboys or something.

Crackdown, Saints Row, and Just Cause are all very good takes on the GTA-clone. Rainbow 6: Vegas is one of the better multiplay shooters. Table Tennis is actually a really good 2 player game, but the single player sucks balls. Burnout Revenge is fantastic, but I believe there’s a new one coming out soonish. Halo 3 next month is obvious. Earth Defense Force is silly fun. Kameo is good adventure/platformer type game. And Tomb Raider Legend is great as well. I seem to recall hearing something about Tomb Raider Anniversary coming to the 360 this fall.

Edit: of course, I completely forgot about Live Arcade. Tons of good stuff on there: Geometry Wars, Cloning Clyde, Worms, Carccassonne, Catan, Lumines Live, and a bunch others I’m probably forgetting.

So you’re looking for lost gems?

I’d say on this system, they’ve been:

  • Dead Rising is number 1 with a bullet

  • Viva Pinata - definitely a different type of game.

  • Saints Row - If you liked GTA at all, you should pick it up. It’s very faithful.

  • Gun - HIGHLY recommend. For $19 you really can’t go wrong with this title.

  • Crackdown for certain. And while I’m at it, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for the original Xbox.

  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior 2 (if you haven’t played GRAW, don’t. Skip straight to this title. It’s what GRAW should have been but wasn’t. Unfortunately, not many people here seemed to have played it)

  • Chromehounds received a lot of love here for awhile. But I think you’ll find it hard to find many players now.

  • Prey - Think of it as a summer blockbuster. It’s short, fluff but definitely a lot of fun.

  • The Darkness. People are split on this, but I’m a fan.

The demos on Live are actually really decent. The prey demo was massive, and I spent days playing the Crackdown demo repeatedly. Plus, with a thread like this, you’re going to end up with a list of games so large that you’re going to have to filter through them yourself somehow. The demos are the perfect opportunity to do so. Don’t ignore them!

Starting to dislike these threads?!

The PC version of Prey was excellent. If you find them both for the same price, I’d recommend getting it for PC.

as mentioned above, most the demos on XBL are a good example of what to expect in the real game.

Most of the games I would recommend already have demos on Live (Crackdown, Rainbox Six: Vegas, Forza 2, etc.). But one without a demo is Earth Defense Force 2017, which is an absolute blast. You can search for the thread here for impressions, or read the Eurogamer review which is pretty much spot on:

I found Test Drive Unlimited to be a perfect median between arcade and sim, and the fact that it really is open (not like NFS:MW open, but really, fully open to the extent that you can cut across the hills as long as it isn’t fenced) adds a bit of that sandbox exploration frisson to it. Plus tons of content, and every race is really different since there’s hundreds of road to work with. The tropical decor gets a bit samey (I hope they do some sort of mini-England next!) but still great fun.

My favorites so far have been Call of Duty 2, Gun, Tomb Raider Legends, Oblivion, Chromehounds, Gears of War, and the NCAA football series.

Yeah, most of the highlights are here… Saints Row, Dead Rising, Viva Pinata, Gears of War, Oblivion, Forza 2. Depending on what your preferences in gaming flavor are you can’t go wrong with any of those.

Does Chromehounds still play OK as a single player game?

I … didn’t really think it ever did.

Edit: Ahh, after clarification I can answer :P No, it really doesn’t. And even as multiplayer you have to be very dedicated. MMO near-raid level dedicated, I think.

Heh…sorry, by still, I really meant ‘also’.

I’ll second the GRAW2 recommendation. Rainbow 6:Vegas is also lots of fun.
NBA2K7 and NHL2K7 are great sports games. NBA Live(s) are soul killing life suckers so maybe avoid those.

Chromehounds’s single player is downright awful. You have things like escort missions where two mechs you’re supposed to protect will blow each other up because they can’t make the distinction that one of them is in the line of fire of the other when shooting at the enemy. However, you will want to go through it for no other reason than to get access to the hound parts you earn that can then be used in multiplayer.

Chromehounds is ptobably the worst 360 game I have. I can’t tell who’s friend and
who’s foe on escort missions, so I never got as far as actually seeing them blow
themselves up. I haven’t gotten around to playing online (half an hour of clicking
OK before finally BEING ABLE TO DO A FUCKING THING put me off that).

Overlord is a lot of fun, though. The demo doesn’t last long enough to let you
see upgrades to armour, weapons and minions. There’s also some co-op and
versus I want to try.

Condemned isn’t so bad at the price I got it, if you haven’t played it on a PC.
It doesn’t exactly play like a regular FPS most of the time, since you run out
of ammo before things are dead :P

The three sandboxy games you want have already been mentioned: Saints Row,
Crackdown and Hulk:UD. That should keep you entertained until GTA4.
(Or Saints Row 2, whichever comes first)

Chromehounds had to be played online to really be appreciated. It was pretty awesome, but I’d say the time window on that online community has mostly closed.