For those who have read Y:The Last Man

There was a reference to Tolstoy in one of the issues which was quite good I thought but I can’t recall exactly how it went or which issue it was in. I just finished Anna Karenina and I want to use it in my Goodreads review.

It is coming out on Disney+ today, I liked the comics (though they were a bit expensive here). Looking forward to the tv show!

First three episodes out here, at least. Anyone with some first impressions? Probably won’t have time to check it out myself today.

It’s been a while since I read the comics – good thing they were part of Comixology’s Labor Day sale for me to jump back into and finish!

From the first three episodes: I’m fine with it. There are, as always changes when adapting; 355’s intro is different, I think Israel is being brought into the storyline differently, Hero has a new sub-plot, and the show is diving more into stuff like how the US government responds/works and adding acknowledgment of transgender (since the comics were written back in the early 00s, where trans representation wasn’t as prominent).

The biggest change that seems to divide people is that the show is much more serious. It’s much more straightforward and grim, and while Yorick has occasional comments, there isn’t the streak of dark humor like the comics. Maybe more of the humor comes through in later eps.

Also, for the yanks: this is on Hulu. It’s on Disney+ for Europe and I guess other places that don’t have Hulu but have Disney+ instead.

Oh god, I started this thread? I don’t even remember this. I think I read a bunch of the comics but I don’t remember it at all.

it was a good, precise, concise thread. But the title hit it out of the park for me…

I’m very leery of this show - A Show where pretty much only women are left, is so filled with potential pitfalls that its hard to watch without waiting for a potential trainwreck.
Already they have shown a few scenes where the poor women just can’t do anything but cry a little bit, and bury their head in their hands.

It seems quite uneven in its portrayal of people and plot, but the world looks great.

I don’t think, after two episodes, we will continue to watch it.

We enjoyed it so far. I’ve not read any of the comics so I’m coming at this out from nowhere. Like turning A Handmaid’s Tale on its head, this goes into a very different space. We have so many questions about plot points but very willing to see it through at least this season.

You simultaneously hate who Yorick is at first but also see tons of potential as women unleash a lot of prior male-centric baggage but also come to grips with everything that needs to be done. Plenty of plot holes aren’t mentioned or passed over, I’m kind of hoping they are slowly addressed or mentioned. The really fast push from 3-days-prior to 60-days after was jarring. I guess that’s needed for the exposition but it was strange and … not enough things changed between scenes, to be honest.

The comics are good, though starts out stronger than they end. There are definitely pitfalls this could fall into (arguably, the comics falls into a couple of those itself - especially with the Amazons), but I’d think with the right writers on the show, one could do a really awesome series.

1st episode was a mixed bag to me. Very formulaic character introductions and scenes. Sometimes it feels like many TV shows use all the same templates. I got used to it, and will see what they will do with the material.

Just watched the first episode. Liked it. Went back to reread the first few issues of the comic, and I take back my earlier comment - it actually doesn’t start all that strongly. Had forgotten how caricatured some of the characters are. The show has a lot of little changes to the characters, but mostly for the better so far, IMO.

Yorick suuuuuuucks for a significant chunk of the comics. It’s a testament to the story that it’s as good as it is with Captain Whinypants at the center of it.

I got thru the first ep but haven’t gone back. I mean I guess you can’t have a Mad Max type survive every random apocalypse, but I loathed Yorick from the first moment he was on screen and it never let up. I just don’t know if I have the intestinal fortitude to put up with a show that follows this character. Diane Lane rocks as always and I’m super intrigued by the Agent. But screw Yorick and his whiney and most punchable face.

The best thing the TV adaptation of The Magicians did was make it an ensemble show instead of a tight first-person narrative by the least likable dude in the story arguably including the Big Bad.

(Now, Grossman was going for something very specific particularly with the first book, and I think he achieved it, but IMO it doesn’t make for an enjoyable read. Plenty of people disagree, obviously, but I did not at all enjoy the book and love the show.)

I’ve watched three episodes of this now, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Those who don’t like Yorick’s character will be happy to hear that he seems like a pretty minor character so far (oddly enough). There’s a lot of focus on other characters who go through various tragedies.

The thing that kind of puts me off of it is the political stuff. It looks like it’s shaping up to be… well, not too different than the actual politics playing out right now in the real world. I don’t need that.

That’s actually part of it we liked a lot. The undertone being, here these women are, trying to cling to old conventions of power when none of it matters anymore. They don’t even have consistent food or power, much less parties that have any significance over survival. They are placeholders of a changing dynamic. Why would laws and sayings of the founding fathers matter anymore, there aren’t even actual fathers.

The wold just became a power vacuum and those women preaching party politics have a rude awakening coming.

I picked up the first of the graphic novels for the trip I’m on. Yorrick is much less of an idiot than the show… so far.

I have not watched the show.

This raises grave concerns.

They just play him as mostly a worthless soul so far in the show (first two episodes.) My guess is he will come into his own over time.

Based on the first two episodes, Yorrick is really useless and dumb in the show - though hard to say if he is more or less useless just yet. Ten or more episodes of that (not sure how long the season is?) would end up extremely tiresome.

On the other hand, they’ve decided to shift the focus of the series away from Yorrick and more on the women surrounding him, and that is probably a really good choice. There are some good actresses in the show, so have some hope that it’ll be worth watching.

I’m enjoying the show a lot, except for the caricature of the right-wing women in the bunker (or wherever they are). Maybe it’s too on the nose, or too soon, but I just hate those scenes.

Maybe if they gave the woman who survived some redeeming quality it’d be different. Instead she’s just so smarmy. If she had a moustache she’d be twirling it.

But for those who read the comic, did all males of every species on Earth die? I mean we’re already looking at the end of the human race after the last currently living baby dies, but without male animals and insects, doesn’t the entire food chain collapse in a matter of months with no hope of it ever rebounding? I’m not biologist, though, so maybe I’m being too simplistic.