For those who have read Y:The Last Man

I bought the entire run during a labor day sale and can put up a screencap, but a page in issue 1 details the premise as “every mammal with a y chromosome.”

The page itself early in issue 1, for what it’s worth!

OK so every mammal, which means no more meat, but conceivably you could still grow vegetables. Got it.

Yeah same, however, some of these morons we have in DC seem like they may be pretty much just like that only with a less power.

Birds are okay. But that includes cattle, goats, pigs, horses, oxen, rabbits, sheep, etc. I don’t want to say that food should be their number one issue but it would be very high on the list. Even with half the population, that’s a lot of cultivation work in some countries where automation isn’t as common that mass starvation should have started or be close to full effect very soon on that series. Then again, without men or artificial insemination cranking up, there won’t be any more kids around to starve to death anyway.

I’m about 3/4 of the way through volume 1 of the graphic novel and we’re currently caught up on the show. It’s still annoying that they don’t mention or address that food issue … at all really. Power was briefly talked about, as was the issue of a lot of men in technical and trade jobs. All of that would be high on the list. Conversely, arguing about what political party people were in would still be just absolutely silly.

We’re still sticking with this on the, “what if,” part of it. There are a lot of ways they can still take this. I kind of don’t want to spoil it reading the novels.

What I will spoil is this:

The graphic novel appears to be putting the Amazons (those women wo do NOT want men back at all) against the side of investigating Yorick/Ampersand. I find it silly that in the 60 or 90 days we’re at after the event that suddenly there is an entire massive group of women who’ve sided and gone deep overboard on the Amazon side.

Yeah, exactly. I mean yeah, we gotta figure out what’s up with Yorick, but the more immediate issue is food and potable water. And nobody has said anything about that. No more meat, ever, so the world has to shift to an entirely plant-based diet or everyone is dead before they can figure out a long-term solution to the “no babies” problem.

Well you could still have chicken stir fry and popeye’s sandwiches with fries but yeah, no more mammal meat. Technically that’s a pretty valid way to eat, IF they up production of everything worldwide.

You get to see some chickens in a later episode.

Were there male chickens, though? They talked about having eggs, I know.

Anyway, we’ll see where it goes. As you mention, the fact that half the show’s plotlines seem to be about politics strikes me as very far fetched in this scenario.

Birds are their own class (and gene type for males) so they should all be safe. That being said, they did not show a rooster in the scene, I kind of assumed it.

And if you didn’t know that about birds, my wife and I didn’t either, we had to go look it up after seeing that scene as it was confusing. Male birds have two Z chromosomes and females have Z and W. Birds are just overall strange.

OK, yeah, makes sense to assume birds are safe then. Still, transitioning to an all-female workforce should be one of the top issues and we haven’t heard anything about that.

So if it were me in this situation, I think my top priorites would be:

  1. How do we feed the American people for the next few months while we figure this shit out? Shelter seems like it’s not going to be an issue.
  2. How do we make sure America doesn’t descend into chaos during the transition?
  3. What’s going on in the rest of the world, and will that impact America in some way? (i.e. is some crazy faction in Russia or China going to launch a bunch of nukes)
  4. What is the long-term plan to change how food production works in an all-female, no Y-chromosome animals world?
  5. Can we figure out why Yorick survived, and will that give a clue as to either the origin of the catastrophe or the solution?

And the kicker is that very little time is spent by the political ladies in Washington about any of that except #2. #5 isn’t discussed because of secrecy but Yorick is all over the place being seen so I’m not sure why his mom doesn’t throw that out front and center instead of keeping it a secret.

Think of male dominant societies out there, what the hell happened to them?

By the way, I do recognize the irony of us mansplaining how to handle this apocalypse. :)

Lol. If nothing else this entire story certainly brings up a lot of issues between the sexes as well as lack of representation of women in a lot of fields.

Also me:
“Well you see, first thing you ladies need to do is quit trying to run the house with dozen cooks in the kitchen.”

Season will finish but Y is officially cancelled from another season, unless another network picks it up.

I lost interest when the big problem inside the bunker turned out to be who was a democrat vs who was a republican. Maybe it’s realistic, but that wasn’t interesting to me.

In my opinion I think the Yorick actor and portrayal here takes some of the blame, but surely adding in some political vibes into this didn’t help those willing to watch. I’m guessing we might still watch the rest but the announcement before the season ends points to some major issues with viewer numbers, or production, or both.

That’s a good point. I wonder why they’d announce the cancellation now instead of waiting a couple weeks for the season to finish up.

On the subject of politics, it does not surprise me at all that this would become an issue in an apocalypse. That conspiracy theories etc would abound is a given. People are dumb - the pandemic has made that abundantly clear.

But after having watched the first three episodes, I’m just not sure what the hook of this show is supposed to be.

I think the comic is at its best in its small stories especially when it shows how society adapts and explores the different ways in which it does so (the road trip aspect is particularly good for that). And Yorick eventually becomes a character somewhat worth rooting for.

So far, we’ve gotten none of that, and the show gives little positive reasons to root for any of it’s characters (other than that they are caught in an apocalypse). Other than maybe the President - she’s at least showing a few positive traits. Generally, I’m just left wondering why bother…?

Is she though? She immediately formed an exclusive clique just with her political party in the face of the extinction of the human race, as if there was some hope that things would get back to normal and they could start worrying about abortion rights again.

And at every turn she has made the divide in the room worse, not better.

Maybe that’s the core of my problem with the show and inability to get motivated to watch it. There’s nobody to root for. Thought I guess the Agent is behaving in a slightly realistic way, and I appreciate her skills and dedication to getting the task at hand. And her introduction was super badass.

The agent is the main one we’ve pulled for too but the last episode we watched was about the failings of the agent so … yeah. Now I understand there isn’t much to pull for in the show. That’s okay for a sophomoric effort, where love of the show is already a given, not so for a newly starting series.

@strategy you make an excellent point.

A great point. Maybe it would have been better if season 1 was dealing with the immediate aftermath. Everyone in the Pentagon pulls together and does what it takes to stabilize things, figure out an immediate plan, and start researching what happened.

And then in season 2 the political cracks start forming. Disagreements about how to move forward, how to deal with the new normal, etc. That could be an interesting way to pull at the relationships built in season 1.

But as it stands, the two “sides” are radicalizing before they even come to loggerheads about anything. I’m an episode behind, but so far there hasn’t even been an argument about anything. Ugh.