For Those who wanted another Oblivion Thread: Awkward Social Meetings

If anyone has picture, please post.

I have heard of “Jaw Dropping Graphics”, but nothing could prepare me for the wife of the Head of the Mage’s Guild in Chorrol. She had her back turned to me, which I swear was done on purpose by some bored programmers. When I started a conversation with her she turned around…

I have never yelled out loud at a scary game, but I totally lost it when the man in the dress turned around to talk to me. I quickly tried to recover and some dignity and then realized it didn’t matter its just a game. The fact that the game gave me that awkward social moment was absolutely hands down one of the best moments in any RPG ever

Is that equivalent to one of those awkward moments where you’re cruising in a car with your buddies, and you all start commenting on the shapely figure of a woman who is picking something up off the ground, and then she turns around and its really a guy with long hair/your friend’s mom/your sister?

did you ask him to make you a stack of johnny cakes?

Johnny cakes?



Johnny Cakes?


There was this one time I was heading to dinner with some friends, (one of which was TrunkDr. who might remember this), and there were these two girls kissing at an intersection. And we were suitably stunned, until we noticed that one of them was a guy. With the most girly flowing long hair you’ve ever seen. But I swear to god, from behind, it looked like two chicks.

Not quite…Here’s one half of Johnny cakes:

Couldn’t find a good picture of the other half.