For Trade or Giveaway: Guild Wars, BF2, GT4 + Wheel

I have a license key to Guild Wars that I used once for about two hours. I’d be willing to transfer the account over to someone if they had a good game to trade in return. Failing that, though, I’d be happy to ‘loan’ it to someone. I don’t have any intention to play the game.

I also have an unopened copy of BF2 that I’d love to trade for something else, like Disgaea, or I dunno, anything else.

And while I’m here! I have a copy of GT4 with the logitech driving force pro steering wheel. I’d like to sell/trade that, as well.

I can definitely ship whatever.

What would you be looking for, for GW?

EDIT: Id be willing to offer hot steamy man sexors.

For all of this stuff, feel free to offer a trade or a fair price. I’d prefer trades, though, as outright purchasing isn’t as much fun (and perhaps Entity verboten, I don’t recall).

I have a PC, all three consoles, and both PSP and DS. I’d prefer console games, I think, or even nice peripherals.

Also, I forgot: I have a copy of The Minish Cap up for trade, too.

Guild Wars is gone. Now I see why the trading thread went away.

Fire Emblem for Minish Cap?

Which one? (And probably yes, either way).

Not the new one. The original GBA one.

Sure. PM me your mailing address.

SMT: Nocturne + printed Official Doublejump Strategy Guide for GT4 + wheel?