Forcing a DOS game to play in a window

I was trying to get Ultima 5 to run in a window but it kept forcing it to go full screen. I went to the properties and checked the run in window option but to no avail. Is there something I can put after the exe in a batch file to force it? Thanks.

can’t you, like, hit alt+enter to bring it back?

EDIT: i realize that’s not automatic, but does it at least work?

Have you tried using DOSBox?

It definitely puts it back in a window. Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to get it unfrozen without going back to full screen.

Thanks again.

DOS windows are usually available only for text-mode games, and then for some old and crappy CGA modes or somesuch. I’m not sure what advances DOS emulation technology has made in recent Windows versions but it used to be the case that any “advanced” graphics mode would force fullscreen display (or freeze the program if you hit Alt+Enter).

I may have to go with Dos Box. I use that currently to play Darklands although I wish I didn’t (seems very sluggish for such an old game - using version .57) but I just can’t get VDMSound to get the EMS memory recognized by Darklands.

Dos Box won’t be as big a deal with Ultima 5 I imagine. Thanks again for the suggestions.

I now have three machines dedicated to playing old games:

Pentium 90
Pentium 200

You should pick up an old machine somewhere…save yourself some headaches.