Ford Vs Ferrari

I hope this satsifies the need for speed

Ha! That looks cool.

I’m looking forward to this, but a quick eye at the cast list for this movie suggest it could be just called “FORD.”

Enzo’s name is in the credits, but after that it’s “Ferrari Engineer #7” and “Enzo’s Lawyer” and “Ferrari Pit Girl” which makes it look like it’ll be something of a one-sided viewpoint.

Yeah, it look’s like it’s strictly the Ford story.

The book is very good, but the focus is clearly on the Ford effort. Ferrari is the baseline, and in some sense the bad guy.

I hope they start the story showing Shelby’s Cobra/Daytona cobra efforts before they are brought in for the GT40 effort.

Can’t wait for the Tesla vs Ford movie.

Ferrari had won six in a row before 1966. It was definitely a good guys v. bad guys situation as far as Ford was concerned. An American manufacturer hadn’t won since 1921 and until 1967, the car wasn’t even built in the US.

Ken Miles was a colorful guy. I expect this to be a really fun movie. Also, it allowed me a chance to see Matt Damon and Christian Bale in person at the Indy 500 so that was pretty cool. They waved the green flag this year. :)

I don’t know how old Carroll Shelby was and Matt Damon is, and I don’t care, but that casting decision just seems weird.

Doesn’t look all that weird:


The best is when the Model X beats an Alfa Romeo 4c while towing an Alfa Romeo 4c (around the 3:50 mark):