Forever Skies - an airborne, post-apocalyptic Subnautica?

One hour in, I’ve got a lot to learn because I’m nearly starved to death. I saved and quit so I could cheat and find an early access, “Let’s Play,” to see what I’m doing wrong.

It’s a lot to take in, as the systems in game all seem to need this, that, or the other to work. But the basics are there: collect things, craft things, find food/water or make it, get rest, explore. Similar to Subnautica there is also scanning, adding knowledge to your database and research, adding the ability to make more things.

Since I’m at the beginning, things are very cramped on the ship. Here’s hoping I expand a bit soon, I’m tired of walking over things I’ve placed to get to other things I’ve placed so I can use them, then moving a thing around so I can move another thing to that spot so I can … you get the drift.

I see @Fozzle is much further in, any thoughts?