Forget all this other Ubisoft stuff, there's a Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake

Going well…

Since development wasn’t going well, I’m glad it wasn’t cancelled. Taking it back to Ubisoft Montreal sounds good to me. I hope it’s great and is a huge success and kicks off a series of new PoP games.

Doesn’t bode well for those Indian studios though.

Delayed again, past FY 2023 this time.

Preorders cancelled.

Which I guess means maybe sometime in our lifetime or maybe not.



I hope this turns out well. I know the march of time is different from everyone but every time I hear talk of a remake, it usually feels too soon to me, but in this case, it feels like the appropriate amount of time for a remake.

TLDR, save you a click: Second studio helping Ubisoft Montreal is Ubisoft Toronto. And they assured someone on X that they’re still working on that Splinter Cell remake.

Holy shit, 2026 now.

Haha, yeah. Oh boy. Did that lady on the stage really say “Have a look!” just so we can check out nothing of substance?

And of course not a peep about Beyond Good and Evil 2.

And yet, somehow I never finished the first one!