Forget bacon salt. This is the greatest invention of mankind

Oh man that would be awesome on tac bac wrapped around a caffeinated maple bacon lollipop.

The ironic hipster bacon-obsession fad has to end someday, right? Or is it over already, and this is a fake product designed to comment on hipster obsessions…it’s so confusing.

Grooooooooosss. I wonder what it’s made of. Something worse than scrapple.

What’s wrong with just cooking bacon? Jesus christ.

So, are they rerunning the April Fool’s joke, or what?

Umm, that was one of their April Fool’s joke-products. It doesn’t exist.

It looks like dookie in a squeeze-bottle.

The burger doesn’t look too much better, either. Or is that the cross section of a kidney?

I got some caffeinated soap from ThinkGeek one time. They have some weird stuff. I don’t know if it actually worked (the caffeine), but the smell was pretty invigorating, in a pleasant way, so the soap itself was pretty decent.

I saw a portable microscope for sale in their catalog the other day for $30.

The bottom squeezing looks like a horrible, hideous elongated tongue.

I’ve seen caffeine in a few upscale women’s moisturizers before, it’s supposed to help stimulate your skin or something.

Doesn’t it predate the ironic hipsters? But yeah, I’m tired of people thinking I’m a freak because I think bacon is just okay and not manna given to man directly from God (not to be enjoyed by Jews and Muslims as punishment for choosing the wrong religion).

Hating hipsters is so hipster.

Speaking as someone who watches a lot of cooking shows, I assure you, the current obsession with bacon is anything but ironic.

It’s more of a fatster obsession.

Fucking delicious is what it is!


I don’t even like bacon that much, but since everyone’s decided it’s so amazing, the idea of bacon is tantalizing. But then I eat some and it’s just OK.

A friend of mine is a Vegan and he says the only animal product he really misses is bacon.