Forget bacon salt. This is the greatest invention of mankind

I think Emeril Legasse is the dude responsible for starting the whole bacon thing with his “pork fat rules!” Catchphrase.

I was gonna mention that in my post but didn’t fit it in.

I was watching a few episodes of The F Word the other day and it seemed like every other dish that Ramsay made was either wrapped in bacon or full of chopped bacon. It struck me as odd at the time.


When did we all turn into the dog in the Snausages commercial?

“Bacon? Bacon, BACON, BACON!!!

Truly it’s one of those things that sounds so good, but then you eat it and it’s only nice. It’s not like little strips of Jesus’s wonder… although Communion would be more awesome with bacon!

This only means you got a substandard piece of bacon.

Also check out the OO thread for some pretty decent pics.

That’s what she said.

True dat. Transubstantiation is much less ridiculous if all you have to do is make the pork longer.

My god, did you just make a “long pig” joke?

And then there’s Chicken Fried Bacon.