Forget Declining Games Journalism, What About Declining Unhappy Spouse Manifestos?

This reads like it was written by Mike Tyson.

P.S. Might not have missed this if not for Troy G.

Tip: Have someone proofread your shit before showing it to the entire internet.

What about declining use of the active voice?

All the passive voice is robbing me of my humanity, as well as everyone mentioned in that whole friggin’ unreadable wordsoup crapfest.

In all seriousness, it sounds like the Rockstar San Diego guys deserve much better advocacy than this.

That manifesto is fascinating…ergo, my life has been ameliorated, ergo, thusly.

As someone who factors a developer’s QoL into every game purchase, it’s distressing to see both the flippant–possibly bordering on sexist–attitude in this thread and the godawful writing (write like a human being, not a fake lawyer) in that post.

I’ve had a strict policy of only renting Rockstar games since that Alphabet City post, though, and this sort of thing only reinforces my position.

As someone who factors a poster’s worth as a human being into every thread I read, I think you deserve a prize.

I read a good bit of that post (I’ll admit, not all of it), and it really reads like someone getting his first job and not knowing every business is full of assholes who have no idea what they are doing, huge process issues, and projects that go to hell regularly.

Welcome to the working world kid!

Your boycott is bizarre. Do you boycott sweatshop clothing, or are you pretty much only focused on the plight of the upper-middle class and college educated?

After he busted out a thesaurus.

That was not his first job, though. The stance on Rockstar also comes from many other stories I’ve heard over the years about their development studios, though.

Why, yes, I do not buy sweatshop clothing; I also don’t buy Tecmo games because of the smut they publish. And probably no Sega games after they choose to publish Bayonetta. Every purchase is an ethical vote–from media to fruit and everything in between.

No, Tyson’s a pretty eloquent dude, if you’ve seen or read recent interviews.

I got this far:

The turning for the worse came approximately in the month of March of 2009. Till present, the working conditions persists to deteriorate

Then I stopped and prayed for the death of the person who wrote it.

So I’m a little confused, not being in the game industry myself. Wasn’t quality of life a huge issue a few years back, so much so that there was a large amount of talk about it and work to steer companies to do better? Is this a one-off situation here or is it still the same? I’m guessing that adding to a shitty work environment is the fact that times are tight and moving somewhere else is much harder at this point.

This reads like a third-box-of-wine manifesto. On the bright side, it’s nice to see that Rockstar employees are making enough to afford mail order brides.

Pretty much still the same it seems, perhaps marginally better. A major problem someone like Rockstar is that the allure of their brand makes them instantly attractive to every green applicant desiring to be in the industry, and there are dozens eager to fill your position if you were to ever leave; that readily available supply of people to ensure incompetent management remains incompetent.

I would recommend reading the comments, many of which are decently written.

Oh, how I wish I had written this, as its all true.
It includes a bit, but not nearly the amount of detail it should.
Where is the detail about people getting performance warnings for not working 11hrs+ a day?
The running joke is that donuts were taken away every other week (about $200 in savings per month), yet Rockstar flies in people from all the other studios (Vancouver, Leeds, Toronto, New England, etc…) and puts them up in a luxurious rental home, give them per-diem, and rent cars for them. At one point, it seemed like half the Leeds staff was in the San Diego studio! How was Rockstar San Diego able to create great games like Table Tennis and Midnight Club, but suddenly they are utterly incapable of doing the simplest task without the help of people who have half their experience?

How about the temporary appointment of a new studio president who spent thousands at a time on drinking outings, only to give up the position after a few short months?

Please, someone explain why the profitable and very functional Midnight Club team was ripped apart, their technology thrown away (after Midnight Club Los Angeles), and everyone who wasn’t fired or quit was shoved onto a project that has been struggling for well over 4 years?

And why were the people who led said struggling project down its path of waste and destruction the ones who were promoted to lead the studio!?!?

R.I.P. Rockstar San Diego.
You had a tremendous amount of talent. You destroyed the best of it first, firing many and forcing many others to quit with the actions outlined above. Now you’ve gone and made it so nobody still working there looks forward to the next work day.

And don’t believe for a second that it’s just the management at Rockstar San Diego. It goes straight back to the boys in New York. Their lack of understanding of the development process has led to this whole mess. When you let a team create a game for 2+ years, building technology with little or no feedback, then jump in months before the project is to be shipped and DEMAND sweeping changes, you’re going to have deadlines slip, unstable fixes, and unhappy workers.

Of course, Red Dead Redemption has been in development for four-and-a-half-years at this point–an amount of time that suggests a clusterfuck behind-the-scenes.

Yes, how dare SEGA publish the best hack and slash game in half a decade. They should be ashamed.

Every purchase is an ethical vote–from media to fruit and everything in between.

That’s a lot of free time you have on your hands.

Quality is irrelevant when it is a saliently sexist product; if you want your money to encourage sexism, feel free, but I don’t.

It’s not that time-consuming, but people are generally just lazy.