Forget Master Chief. Craig is the biggest star of Halo Infinite so far.

We were so close. We almost made it through an E3 season without any gamer memes. With all the normal E3 live stage shows cancelled this year due to the global pandemic, it seemed a foregone conclusion that we wouldn’t have any good fodder for viral sensations. The virtual briefings were safe from mishap and impromptu dorkiness. No giant enemy crabs. No Ravi Drums. No families clumsily gyrating though motion controller routines. Alas, Microsoft and 343 Industries showed up at the last minute with their Halo Infinite gameplay demo that featured the serene space ape now known as Craig the Brute. At about 4 minutes into the video, Master Chief smacks this charging Brute, and a legend is born.

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Drat, they’re on to me!

I think the whole internet is making this because they made a Halo for the Halo fans instead of a new generation Halo for a new public. So instead of “next gen” graphics, the new halo looks like a amazing remaster. One that you have to be halo fan to like.

Craig is just a side effect of that, a random frame with a unfavorable view of a kind of uninspired model.

I don’t like this Halo, but I don’t like any of the halos. I believe is okay to make a halo for the halo fans, and not for poeple like me that have other game, like Destiny.

Craig is fun, and I celebrate all the memes it spawned, made me laught more than once :D

Teiman, your whole “It’s fine for other people to enjoy things I don’t like” philosophy is crazy, radical, and an existential threat to the internet as we know it.

I watched that video and failed to see anything meme-worthy.

When I watch say… this, it looks cool and impressive, as a current gen game with some next gen (ie PC) polish:

The Halo reveal looked a generation behind that.

I believe they are making a game that need to run in Xbox One, and thats a ancient console that limit what you can do.

Yeah, Phil Spencer probably shouldn’t have said cross-gen development holding back games was just “a meme”.

At least the folks at Xbox have a sense of humor.

The Craig memes on Twitter are pretty awesome. Craig seems so likeable. Definitely mascot material.