Forget Supreme Commander

Derek Smart’s Galactic Command is a GameTap exclusive…dear god, how did this happen?

From Eurogamer:

3000AD has laser-sliced its space combat title Galactic Command into three separate games.

NO, WE MEANT TO DESTROY IT! Instead it has multiplied! Ye gods, what have we done!?

I think this is one of many more “Gametap exclusives” to come. Sam and Max must have been a great success in getting new members to sign up, and I simply love the idea of getting original games on a regular basis (even if they are smaller in scope then the normal PC game) to go along with all the classics.

That being said, a “space action” title doesn’t really interest me, even though I will get it for free.

Have you heard of Derek Smart?

By reputation only, and vaguely at that. Though I must say what I do know isn’t positive.

That being said, Gametap + Original Games is a good thing in my book, and hopefully this is a sign of… more promising games to come.

Sam and Max was a fantastic move on GameTap’s part. It got a lot of people to try GameTap. I almost tried it out myself.

Hearing that Derek Smart is releasing episodic content on GameTap? It makes me never want to install it.

Seriously, what are they thinking? Think of who they are trying to appeal to with this. A huge portion of the gaming population thinks this guy is a jackass, and would wonder why GameTap would sign him up. A smaller portion will try this game and wonder why GameTap would ever put their name or support behind such rubbish. And then there’s that weird .1% rabid Derek fanboy galactic forum cadet cult. I guess they’re appealing to those people? Seems really strange.

Derek Smart’s notoriety is vastly overrated outside of the hardcore, regular forum posting community. I’d bet if you sat around in a Gamestop and asked 100 people to tell you what they thought of Derek Smart 99 of them wouldn’t have a clue as to who you were talking about.

This is a good thing, and probably infuriates him to no end whenever he asks people, “Don’t you know who I am?” and gets blank stares in response.

I had to google the guy because I had no idea what you people are talking about.

even still, I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about him. The guy appears to be a dick and not much else.

I think Derek-hate is equal parts “God, he’s such a dick!”, “God, his games are unplayable!”, and “God, he’s living the dream!”

I wait for the day where Derek Smart releases a great game so the Derek Smart hating fad finally disappears. Gets so on my nerves.

Maybe their lawyers are bored.

I have gametap. I’ll play it.

He may have been confused since rei didn’t use his full name:
“Doctor” Derek Smart.

wait… wasn’t Derek Smart “the Supreme Commander”?

Now, I like Derek a lot, but that is funny.

Derek Smart is responsible for the one game I have ever returned, BC 3000 AD.

Yeah, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve though he’s living the dream and been jealous. Really.

Damn kids…

BC3000AD was a train wreck even if you ignored the online antics, because it shipped unfinished.

The later games in the series actually were fun, IMHO, once you got past the absolutely terrible user interface. If you like sandbox games, the 3000AD universe is actually fun once you master the seemingly random control scheme.

I just wish Derek would find someone who’s really good at game UI and give that person free reign to redo the control scheme.

Wait, you mean figuring out the UI wasn’t the end of the game? Shit man, when I figued out how to make the space ship go forward, I honestly felt like that was pretty much it.

It’d be funnier if I was kidding. I literally pressed every button on my keyboard three times before I realized that that wasn’t where the answer was.