Forget the little RC cars

Those of you with more disposable income than me need a set of these in the office:

COOL! But:

  1. they’re $75 per tank, and
  2. infrared remotes = suck; low range, prone to loss of LOS

I’ll stick to custom-modding my mini-car collection with extra batteries and working headlights, thank you.

Yeah anyway. You think they’d at least go with RF instead of IR. I mean, what’s the point if you have to maintain line of sight?

  • Alan

Tanks? Feh! Give me radio controlled, BB firing battleships!

Oh, now that is just too cool. What would suck, though, is having your lovingly crafted, hand built ship sunk in the first seconds of battle. Gives a whole new meaning to 'YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP!"

All this stuff is awesome. Have you ever seen the R/C airplane guys landing on R/C carriers? I think I saw a couple pictures of that once in a magazine and was pretty blown away by it.