Has anyone seen this yet? I am looking for a matinee to see for this afternoon and don’t want to see another comedy, even if it has zombies.

It was okay. It got a tad stupid at parts, but it was a decent show. I expected more, though.

Some parts of it were okay- it had some neat camera work, good performances, excellent integration of digital effects, and several really good jump style scares. Not a lot of substance though.

What makes me not recommend it is the absurd, makes-no-sense happy ending that was tacked on. It was like the filmmakers wrote themselves into a corner with no possibility of a happy ending but, fuck-it, we’ll put one in anyway. Don’t worry about explaining it because it makes no sense no matter how you look at it.

How about some spoilers for those of us that are interested/confused by the trailers, but not enough to go see it? Is it some top secret government organization taking the children? Are aliens changing their memories? Magic?

From (ROT-13 encoded and also in white text in a quote box so you can decide how you’d like to spoil the movie. :wink:)

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[color=white]The kids exist, and never died in a plane crash. The entire situation was an elaborate experiment set up by aliens to learn more about the relationships between a child and a parent. After Tellie (Julianne Moore) realizes that the kids were abducted and refuses to let go of the memory of her son, the experiment is ended and the alien life form returns things to normal. Only Tellie has any recollection of this.[/color]

Ha ha. What a premise. Did M. Night Shyamalan appear in it at some point?

Wow, that is spectacularly stupid.

Wow, if you wouldn’t have linked it I would have thought for sure you made it up. The trailers don’t even give a clue that is an

[color=white]alien [/color]

The trailers don’t even give a clue

Really? I saw the trailer just recently for the first time and all I was thinking after it ended was “Oh, so it either involves [blah] or they want to make us think it involves [blah]”.

The movie doesn’t either:

[color=white] IIRC the word “alien” is never mentioned. I think the screenwriter and director tried to keep it serious by never mentioning the word though its very clear by what goes on. [/color]

They filmed that movie in front of our old building (we lived directly next to the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn).

They towed my car one day and I made them pay me back for it. Movies in New York seriously fuck up the ecosystem, no matter how much money they may bring in.

And by ecosystem I mean my own personal convenience.

What Kevin Grey and Tom Ohle said. Do you have a skittish female companion? Take her and have fun. Only have buddies who sit with one empty seat between you? Nah, go see Napoleon Dynamite or Shaun of the Dead instead.