Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump Begins

Breaking news. Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump. Let the games begin!

Is it finally happening?

I’d post the John Oliver “We Got Him!” GIF, but that would just be depressing. All I know is that it seems that enough moderate Democrats have now come out in favour of impeachment that Pelosi has decided the time has come.

I think the seeming reality of Trump denying aid to Ukraine in order to dig out dirt on his most probable Presidential opponent sort of forced Pelosi’s hand at this point. It’s clear she still doesn’t want to impeach, or wants somehow to distance herself from it, which shows for me she never really wanted to go down that route because of the political danger of doing so.

But it’s politically dangerous only because the Republican party and Fox et al are all in on Trump and desperately want to hide behind political ignorance by not looking and then denying whatever slips through the cracks despite their best efforts.

Someone list the steps of impeachment. So far all I know is… uh

Speaker of the house says it’s a go on live television and starts issuing orders.
Investigation takes place.
Results are examined.
House votes.
Send to Senate.
Swear in Pence

And a new grift was born this day

Rats jumping ship detected.

What’s behind door number three?

Napolitano has been hammering on Trump for a while.

lol @ the Trump - Pelosi call above.

If this eventually gets to a tipping point, there are going to be a lot of GOP Senators who will relish driving the stake into DJT. Not that that would excuse their cowardice all this time.

Let them stab Caesar before we punish them for their cowardice.


Et tu, Lindsey?

Oh, man. It’s even better with the full exchange:

This is exciting!

Seems odd to me.

This release isn’t going to stop the impeachment inquiry.

They must think there’s nothing there.

They’re “caving” awful easily.

This feels like a possible rope-a-dope. They don’t think there’s anything there, and they’re trying to bait the Democrats into doing something unwise.

I am positive that there is nothing in the carefully doctored document that they will release. Tapes!

It’d be funny if the White House-released transcript mentioned something about a possible threat to Alabama.