Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump Begins

More crystal-clear evidence of a deep-state conspiracy to take down his Trumpness!

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I’ve been out all morning, and it’s impossible to catch up with the ocean of corruption from the Trump administration. If only we had known that electing a lawless sociopathic narcissist would lead to troubles.

I sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of “I gotta go, I have urgent business in … where don’t we have any extradition treaties again?” from various Trump associates.

Something innocent folks probably don’t try to do very often.

I’m really enjoying Rudy’s later, transparently criminal years.

Just so weird that all these Russian mafia, thugs, crooked oligarchs etc infest the DJT administration. I know ‘infest’ is a word that particularly delights DJT.

It leaves you wondering who the Don is, right? Hey, wait a minute!

I have a feeling this is going to distract from infrastructure week.

Maddow ran a brief segment on the California power shutdowns last night and called it “Infrastructure Weak.”


One way tickets to where, I wonder?