Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump Begins

It could be the release of the materials is also people in below the occupant of the Oval office saying “I ain’t going to jail for this.”

Also, what the heck happened to Chuck Todd that he grew a pair, finally?

Chuck also told Kennedy to stop gaslighting the country and to avoid whataboutism.

Which, holy shit.

Basically, it appears that the lifers in national security and the IC around the White House got cut out of this decision-making process. It also sounds like few to none of them want to fall on their respective swords over this, either.

I still think they’re putting all their eggs in the “transcript” basket in an effort to win the war of public opinion, even though it’s meaningless in all other respects.

I can’t wait for the book.

Yeah, every time a news talking head refers to this as a ‘transcript’ without explanation, I cringe. They’re basically cementing the idea that it is an incontrovertible record of the call made from a tape, and when it shows nothing they will quickly pronounce this a nothingburger. The Mueller memo procedure all over again.

They will meet it pending the investigation results. If this plays out (the evidence) as it has been reported, I would wager there will be some R’s that vote in favor as well. At least in the House.

Shit’s getting real

WH release of Trump call with Ukraine.

Coates referred it for criminal investigation, and when that was declined, he resigned. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going to be spending a good deal of time in front of committees for the next year.

Is it weird that this is the thing that stood out most to me?

Trump: I have many Ukranian friends. Their incredible people.