Former WSJ editor taking the wheel of the Washington Post...and yanking to the right?

Alarming developments if you’re a Washington Post reader. The former editor was suddenly drummed out last night, and this morning, the new guy is a former editor of the Wall Street Journal, a right-leaning counterpart to the Post’s left-leaning perspective. He’s talking about reaching a larger audience by focusing on topics like the Hunter Biden’s prosecution. Furthermore, he notes his role is just temporary, until Election Day, at which point he will hand over control to a Brit from The Telegraph, which is to the UK what the Wall Street Journal is the United States (i.e. a perspective from the right). Basically, the top editorial role at the Post is now – and will be for the foreseeable future – occupied by men who have presided over right-wing publications.

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It sounds like there might have been some identity politics stuff brewing up with the former editor and for whatever reason, management resorted to the nuclear option today. Pretty dismaying if you’re as big of a fan of the Post as I am.

Been a post subscriber for at least 5 years at this point.

Feels like it might be time to call it. I’ll see how coverage remains, but I guess there is always the (Fuck the) NYT.

I’m not sure if Murray is really super right wing. He took over at the WSJ in 2018, succeeding Baker. Baker was pretty right wing, and seemed pretty obedient to right wing trumpists.

Murray took over though, went after Trump for the hush money payments stuff that’s so recently taken over the headlines (and caught a lot of flack from right wing folks for it), but ended up winning a pulitzer for the investigative work they did. Of course, Murdock also wasn’t a fan of Trump, so maybe the anti-trump stuff was an outlier? Not sure.

I guess we’ll see, but I think that Murray is in fact an actual journalist, so I would hope that at least the non-opinion side of WaPo stays solid, as that’s really the only part I care about.

I’m pretty un-thrilled by the optics of both who the replacement is and the news of an upcoming reorg. Appreciate bringing it to my attention, as I’m concerned how this will all play out. It’s possible all will be fine, but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it.

He spent 29 years at the WSJ. It says so, right there in the article.

Well, yes, of course Murray is an “actual journalist”!

But regardless of what’s printed on his business card, Murray’s tone deaf announcement to staff this morning was telling: he said that going forward, the Post would focus on major stories like – and these three things were the examples he provided – the election, Trump, and the Hunter Biden trials. Those are the three priorities he rolls out, off the top of his head, while trying to reassure his staff. Take a moment to consider that. Does it tell you anything about someone who lists Hunter Biden as a story on par with Trump and the election? Because it tells me something that has nothing to do with whether someone is an “actual journalist”; it tells me what kind of leader, editor, and even person they are. And that’s not who I want shepherding the news at the Washington Post. : (

WSJ righties are often a different stripe from MAGA righties. Just as reprehensible, but for different reasons!

Since Bezos bought it, I think it was just a matter of time before the Post broke bad in some form or another. Massively wealthy aging techno-optimists think differently than the rest of us, and he has no real rooted respect for journalism that, for example, the Sulzberger family does. Eventually, the interests of objective reportage were going to get in the way of a disrupting Silicon Valley ethos.

Whenever I think about the obsession the MAGA crowd has with Hunter Biden, I try to imagine how I’d feel if there was something similar with one of Trump’s kids and if I’d be clicking every article I could find and maybe it’s just human nature wrapped up in different team colors. Then I remember several of Trump’s kids are obviously crooked and involved in his many crimes, so it’s more that I’ve almost become numb to news about them.

The modern Republican party consists of distilled revanchism, Dan. Democrats only ever get schadenfreude.

Nepo baby drama-rama writ large.

LOL - thank you for that

Thing is, Trumps kids held positions in his administration. Hunter has been off being a fuck up on his own.
I would consider it on par with an article about Tiffany (that’s one of them right?), which there have been in the past and I’ve completely and utterly ignored because who gives a shit about some rando relative?

Wapo was already a pandering bothsidesist mess, but this sure won’t make it better.

Just for clarity’s sake, my post above was about how it very much isn’t a both sides thing; that three of Trump’s kids are as crooked as they come, but we (leftists/Dems) don’t feel drawn to make every news story about them as opposed to Republicans who will probably try to blame everything from original sin to COVID on Hunter Biden before it’s all said and done.

Unfortunately my subscription renewed just a few weeks ago. I just went to cancel and they offered to send me a $60 refund (half the cost) if I stay subscribed. Sure, I’ll take some money back, WaPo. Canceling wasn’t going to take effect until the renewal date next year, anyway.

I am on month to month, if it ends up getting worse, I will just cancel and sub to some other national news site.

The plot continues to thicken: