Formula One 2019

The new cars for this year (Skysports link).

I pretty much missed last year, because I never figured out how to watch it now that is no longer on NBC Sports, or any other channel in the US. I want to watch it this year, but I am still not sure of what the options are. It’s only online in the US I believe. But hows the coverage? Can you record it (and the app won’t spoil the results before you can see them)? Anyone watch it last year? How was it? (Meaning the US coverage.)

It was on ESPN.

Hmm, guess I was confused, thanks. Could have sworn I read they did some internet deal. Since I don’t have cable, guess I am still out.

@LeeAbe. It does look like there’s an On-Demand access available via app for cordcutters. Races can be played live or on demand.

$9.99/month or $79.99/year

For those who haven’t seen it, I thought Amazon’s Grand Prix Driver TV show was great. Four 25-30 minute episodes. Free for anyone who has Amazon Prime.

It tracks McLaren during the off-season of 2017 following along several different areas including engineering and manufacturing the new car, off season driver training (mostly focusing on rookie Stoffel Vandoorne, although Fernando Alonso makes appearances), looking for sponsors and marketing. The series wraps up with testing in Barcelona.

It was really great seeing what was going on behind the scenes. Kind of unfortunate that McLaren’s season didn’t go better.

Also, Netflix’s new F1 show Drive to Survive launched today.

Given the focus on Daniel and how his 2018 went I might learn some new Australian words today.

Daniel Riccardo is my favorite. I just hope this season brings something good for him unlike the previous one with so many DNFs.

Will the first one was certainly peak Ricciardo misfortune.

Only 12 months to your next chance to see, Australia!

Bahranian Grand Prix was generally pretty heartbreaking.

  • Awful for LeClerc.
  • Also awful for both Renault Drivers.
  • I was glad to see McLaren doing well in the midfield though.

Just finished last night. Really enjoyed that. Thanks for the heads up.

Once again the Renault engine issues keep Red Bull off the podium…


This is hilarious.

Link for when that breaks