Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


No love for Fortnite? This is a cartoony zombie defense game from Epic that I thought looked pretty cool based on the trailer so far. What do you folks think? I get that there’s a lot of zombie ennui around these days, but… well… this looks good, okay?

Fortnite’s first trailer.


The description screams Minecraft rip-off:

Epic Games is developing Fortnite, an expansive original world that invites players to be creative, resourceful and collaborative by day and defend their prized fortress by night … all utilizing the latest Unreal Engine technology.


First thoughts

-Need to look at real gameplay
-I don’t like a lot the cartoony style, it’s not as well executed as TF2 style
-Need to know platforms: this is Epic we are talking about.


I don’t understand why people doesn’t make a zombie MMO, where there is actual danger, and crafting consists of scavenging and making shelters and fortifications, else you get 'it!


They are not hiding the Minecraft inspiration.

Also still shopping for a publisher so the game should be in very beginning of development.


From the looks of this it will appeal to a different kind of player. Could be interesting.


Yeah, and who would want that?

We need far more Minecraft knockoffs in my opinion. If it developed into it’s own sub genre I couldn’t be happier.


I could swear there were already some source Zombie mods where players reunited debris and used to make barricades and stuff. I imagine something like that (but extended) for this game, more than a true Minecraft rip-off with great tools and freedom to build.


For me personally, the last good title Epic released was Unreal Tournament in 1999. So while the premise sounds very interesting, the fact that it’s being created by Epic doesn’t exactly get me excited.

Nothing wrong with waiting and seeing, though. Hope they prove me wrong!


The last great title Epic released was Gears of War 3 in 2011.

Unfortunately, I also have the opposite opinion on the premise. Scavenge, create, then tower defense gets a big yawn out of me, but this is Epic, so I’m willing to wait and see.


Now wouldn’t it be an epic achievement (nyuck nyuck!) if they found the vector that had both of us going “Ooooh, awesome”!


Wasn’t there a game on Steam that had you building fortifications between waves of zombie attacks?

Sounds like a fun idea. Kind of COD: Zombies / Horde mode.


Love the concept, I’ve been hoping for a real scavenge/build/defend zombie apoc style game. I just don’t hold out any (ok maybe the slightest of slim hopes) hope that Epic will release the game for PC.


Sounds like an interesting premise. Gives a new meaning to a survival horror game if you ask me. Adds a bit more to the survival aspect. I’ll be keeping an eye on this game.


Not sure why there’s a Minecraft inspiration. Building stuff isn’t exactly new, and Minecraft’s extremely low-resolution method of building things isn’t really in the same category as using what I assume will be preset walls and objects in Fortnite.

Unless they are actually going to have you breaking and placing blocks at higher resolutions.


But where are the space marines?


My son and I just happened to channel surf past the SPike VGA show seconds before they showed the trailer for this. We both thought it looked pretty good and are looking forward to it. Any game that has you surviving zombie attacks by salvaging stuff from the environment and creating new and unique ways to off the shambling horde is a winner in my book. Who doesn’t love building and defending your fort?


There was an XBLA zombie game that kinda reminds me of this. Even the art style is similar.

Oh yeah, Dead Block was the name.

I’m sure this one will be different, I wasn’t that impressed with Dead Block.


New stuff!

Well, just more info, really. But still…


Let’s repeat the trailer videos fifty times in an interview! :)