Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


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Beatlemania + opioid crisis + eating tide pods 🤯


I find it weird how little interest there seems to be here for Fortnite and other battle royale games, given how huge they are in the gaming community now.

then again, I guess I’m with my people, because I haven’t played any of them. But if I were to play some competitive multiplayer online, I’d much rather play a battle royale game than capture the flag or any of the Battlefield/CoD/Halo type stuff.

While people here are complaining about how the genre is saturated, I think it has a lot of growth potential still, while the Battlefield/CoD stuff isn’t going to have as broad appeal to solo players and non-kids.


I also don’t personally get the jaded-ness. But I think it’s because we all lived through the MOBA explosion, in which everyone wanted a piece of the Dota and League pie, which resulted in a lot of hot garbage and some shuttered studios. But we got a few neat things out of that, even late in the timeline, like Heroes of the Storm, Smite, and Paragon, rest its soul.

It’s easy to look at the battle royale genre, see the same thing happening, and focus on the garbage - the low effort entries trying to make a quick buck. But we’re still pretty early on. If PUBG is the Dota and Fortnite is the League of Legends, I think the genre is still going to get its Heroes of the Storm or its Smite.


Where would H1Z1 fit? Dead now, but played a big role in getting this genre started.


H1Z1 (and the Arma mods, I’m not sure what predates what) are like the Dota Warcraft 3 mod. Influential but rough. Instrumental in getting the genre started, and definitely popular in its time, but completely eclipsed and devoured by the later games it spawned.

I mean, there aren’t always perfect parallels. But I don’t think it’s crazy to see a similar arc here.


Amazon must have some incredible smart people. Their cross promotion for Amazon Prime using skins in BR is genius.

Today we got a amazing patch for STW.


There’s a lot to like about Fortnite although some of its successes may well be serendipity - not being able to choose your skin or gender is now a feature rather than an incomplete gap, for ex. So much of the environment being destructible is another.

But… it’s kids all the way down. I feel not just uncomfortable but downright creeper playing a game where a bunch of 13 yr. olds are screaming into their mics. It’s not even a bunch of 20 yr old bros, which is somewhat survivable.

I’d be happy to play Fortnite with a bunch of adults. But i don’t know where they are.


I think it’s the best thing I’ve played in 2018. Fortnite is amazing. I can’t believe I’m still having so much fun with it given that I know the ONE map like the back of my hand! It creates so much emergent gameplay through the simple goal of being the last one alive and just moving that final location around on that one map. Every endgame is different because of where it’s fought, and that goes for modes like Thanos, 50v50, all of it. The geography of Fortnite is as much the star as the actual shooting bits, which like almost an Epic game are fantastic.

This game is so much fun for me because I’m always engaged. The moment I let down my guard is the moment I die. You’ve got to be considering the map, the possible approaches from other players, choke points, and just plain movement because if you make too much noise, that can be your undoing.

It’s awesome. Jaded old Qt3 gamers not liking it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Everything popular is mostly ignored or hated here much of the time.


What do you mean about skin and gender? You earn male and female skins through the Battle Pass and the ones they sell come in both flavors much of the time. Do you mean when you play for free that it just randomly assigns you one?

The bit about kids is weird since I either play with people I know or when I do join random games I get people of varied ages. I’ve played a LOT of hours of this game and I don’t feel like every game is all 13 year olds. What platform are you playing on? I’m on PS4, which probably has the largest number of younger players.


Yea, unless you spend money you’re just assigned a random skin of either gender. Which is going to be the majority of the population. Which feels much more inclusive to female players (i would imagine); the New Yorker article above mentioned this as well.

Playing on iPad feels way better because there is no voice. On PS4, last few times i tried, it really was all 13 year olds. I did get a bro group once. You can get around this i guess by playing the solo mode, but the game defaults to putting you in teams.


While I think the random body model in BR is unintentional, the original game had fat and thin people mixed with normal body shapes. So somebody asking for representation in videogames they can get it from Fortnite STW.

Penny is cool, Kyle is handsome. Both are really, fat people.


You can mute other players if you’re so inclined. I don’t really feel like there’s a default way of playing. I’m curious why you think team play is somehow that?

I play a lot of Solo games. I play Duos with @Lenkenobi and I’ll do squads with him, another guy we know and sometimes a random, sometimes not. I’ve played Squads by myself joining with whoever and I get all types as I noted above.

Solo is no less a default way to play than Duos or Squads. It’s all viable. The best thing about this game is it’s just completely open to you to explore and play it however the heck you want to, especially because it costs exactly $0 to do that.


I don’t mean that in some abstract value way but literally. Both on iOS and PS4 team play was the default setting. It took me a few games to realize there was even another game type.


I am 32, so not old.

I don’t like it very much, I just don’t like the shooting. I feel like it is both too fast, yet too slow at the same time. Like, I can play CS:GO, and Quake 3 Arena, but I can’t get around this. It is probably the third person perspective.

Can’t wait for the save the world thing to be f2p, will play the crap outta that.

and I too also feel creeped out playing with 12 year olds

Dunkey found em’


Dunkey is DA BEST


Small patch today. But a good excuse to post some random video (there are a lot and are very good).


I remember when Minecraft had people making similar videos, you know the game is huge when people take that much time to make something like this.


Fortnite has this level of exposure just now. I read the Fortnite BR subreddit each day, and the quality continue skyrocking, with great production values and taste. And people marrying with fornite themed cakes, and that type of “is part of people lives now” stuff.

Epic is doing a great job to flesh out this BR before the other BR games comes. Some days I believe nothing will rock this boat, other days I think Fornite will just collapse has soon somebody release a BR with good production values. I don’t know what is going to happen. What I know is Fortnite BR is the last of a very long list of “open world survival games”, all of them very popular, all of them dead and abandoned by now.

Is not the same thing has Minecraft, has Minecraft had life of his own, while Fornite depend of the exact type of PvP that a BR create.

Is kind of awesome to see the kind of support Epic is giving to this game.


I’ve really enjoyed the save the world campaign, and was worried that the game would die due to lack of interest, but the BR thing came on like mad and I think it’ll save the PvE mode. Haven’t played BR and don’t plan to, but I’d like to thank everyone who does, since it’s making the PvE possible :)


I started with the PvE side of the game. I’m not surprised with the amount of support Epic is putting in to their BR. They know they are on the clock. It’s just a matter of time until "the next best thing ™ comes around. sure some players will still play, but the massive influx of cash from people buying new pickaxes and dance movies will drop off majorly.

I thought the PvE was suppose to go free to play “early 2018” I haven’t heard or seen anything on that topic. So I’m guessing Epic is still getting a decent stream of new purchases come over the the BR side.

I’m happy for them, but it’s sad that it appears they have nearly forgotten about the insane tech trees they created in the PvE environment. I was really hoping they were going to update/fix that.