Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


Thats quality trolling here.





It makes sense to have Sony carry the brunt of this bad decision, since it is their decision.


Sony is fucking this up real good. Friend informed me an Epic account can be PC + mobile + Xbox + Switch but once it’s touched PSN it can’t be linked.


Yeah, if you touch your account to Sony’s box even one time, it’s locked to their console forever. The others are forfeit.

It’s fucking stupid.


Well, the initial to-be-expected non-response has arrived.

We’re always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience. With… more than 80 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network, we’ve built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles.

We also offer Fortnite cross-play support with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, expanding the opportunity for Fortnite fans on PS4 to play with even more gamers on other platforms.

We have nothing further to add beyond this at this point.


No. 3 story on the BBC News site.


Make me happy that this have exploded. I don’t own a Switch, but I wish this type of strategies go away.


Seems like Sony could compromise pretty easily on allowing accounts to cross over, but that’s it.


All they have to do is free our stuff. It’s total BS. I think most players really don’t care if they want to keep the dirty heathens of Nintendo and Microsoft off the same island as PS4 players, but keep all the cosmetic stuff we earned locked up is fucking overkill.

I don’t want cross-play, I just want cross-costumes and cross-dances fer chrissake!


1.5 million twitch viewers!


Yeah the optics here are just not good. Even if it’s truly just a tiny slice of their users being impacted, this is the kind of thing (especially with all the breathless reporting) that sticks in people’s minds, and their non statement about it is even worse. It’s not quite TV/Sports/Kinect/No-used-games bad, but don’t piss off multiplayer gamers. They stick together (even while screaming obscenities at each other online), and if you want your platform to be their default choice, keep them happy.


I guess. I feel like about half the people who remember this are going to blame Epic, because they’ll just remember “Playstation something Fortnite something account crossplay”.


Most gamers have no idea who/what Epic is. They know Fortnite and they know PlayStation. That’s more or less it.


Yeah. Epic is avoiding the blame here because Sony specifically has done this sort of shit the entire generation and this game has brought the anger to critical mass.


Giant Bomb asked Phil Spencer about it. Timestamped to the start:


The biggest takeaway I have from this is not to play multiplatform games on my PS4 if I can avoid it. Not worth the risk of them locking my account out of cross-functionality.

But, it is hard to put 100% of the blame on Sony here when we don’t know the details 100%. Neither side is talking. Sony isn’t the one locking the accounts. Epic is, they are Epic accounts. It would seem that a simple work-around would be that Epic allow people to unlink their PS4 (and lose all progress from there) and make that a separate account. Sony doesn’t handle the accounts, Epic does, but likely Sony is dictating some draconian terms in which the accounts need to be set up. To me, it seems that Epic is taking a stand here and not fixing anything, because people know that Sony is behind this, and that with one memo from Sony and things would be freed up in minutes.

I don’t blame them for not wanting to change their game to accomodate Sony, but I would have to assume that the PS4 playerbase for Fortnite is VERY large, and Sony has leverage with that.

This is a really fucked up situation, and I have a feeling there is a lot more posturing and pressure behind the scenes we are not seeing from both sides.


I’d be more inclined to be generous with Sony here if they hadn’t already racked up a good record of being shitty with regards to crossplay.


Totally, Sony gets no benefit of the doubt, and I am sure we will learn about all of this later.


Seems like a more recent update to fortnite made the EAC bypass no longer working for the non-BR part of the game (i.e the one I paid for that didn’t EAC (or even BattleEye I think…) upon purchase) so time to see how quick their customer service works or find a BattleEye bypass as well…

Earlier when doing random missions you’d ocasionally join another players base defence one… but I could never seem to get anyone joining to help out in mine.

Maybe I should continue playing it on Switch… or… guess not, since I played it on PS4.