Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


once you have your xbox and epic account linked, friends on the epic side of things should be visible on the epic overlay on xbox


I’ve been working through Xbox cross play recently myself. A few other things that I haven’t seen mentioned:

  • XB1 child accounts currently cannot cross play. Reason is unclear.
  • There is an option in settings to allow cross play. If your account is not in the right state the option is not there.
  • What the right state means isn’t entirely clear.
  • Creating or linking your Epic account after the initial prompt on XB1 - which doesn’t appear for everyone - can be part of the problem.

Epic has been very silent on this on their forums unfortunately so there’s not a lot to go on.


the second one. I can’t find that damn
setting anywhere.

everything else works. pc sees xbox. account is linked etc


While you guys are Battle-Royaling, I am spending your monies:


I get maybe 3-5 emails per day informing me someone’s trying to log into my Epic account. I have zero payment methods or purchases on the account so there’s really not much to take from me.


Oh good, so it’s not just me.

I wish I liked Fortnite, but the building is boring and dominates everything so I ditched it a long time ago. I get those damn emails regularly though.


Well, when ever I watch a stream, it is all about building a wall -during- a fight for cover. Its like you are just carrying a shield around with you. That doesn’t seem to make it fun, but that’s just me.


Not really, you can build ramps to traverse someone else’s walls so they are also a tool of aggression / rushing, not just turtling.

Where it gets hairy for me is building super high up a long ways, which very skilled players tend to do.


It’s turbo building a box and a ramp in fast forward.

Every. Single. Fight.

They managed to make a game with almost no movement skills where position literally never matters because all that matters is who can make their shitty box higher and faster.

It bores me to tears, which is a shame since I don’t mind the aesthetic at all and it’s certainly technically sound.


It absolutely isn’t in practice. You will occasionally find players doing this for sure, but there are a looooot of variables. Positioning kills you most of the time, not building or lack thereof.


If you watch the top players, the box and ramp was a majority of the fights. It wasn’t at first and the better ones are now making some clever edits in their Harry Potter tower fights, but unless the meta has shifted that was mostly what I was seeing a few months ago.

Then again, I haven’t kept up with it because of the yawn inducing weapons and the only interesting movement was crafting a jump pad.

The building is the only system with depth and that makes the combat boring for me personally.

Oh well.


The game changes near weekly. What you played “a few months ago” isn’t what we’re playing now.


If you say so.

I just scrolled through pages of the most popular channels of the game on Twitch and saw just what I described for most of them.

But ok. I really don’t care much, but it certainly doesn’t match what I am being told.


Surprising enough, this game have a enormeous skill ceiling. A good player is 10, 20 times better than a casual. A “pro” player is 100 times better than a good player.

And unfortunally, the game have 1 only valid strategy, that is out-building the opponent, then killing him with a shotgun.

So where to go from here? it make sense to shake things and try to have pro-meta have more variation. Some say that lowering the skill ceiling could be more fun for casuals (I am unconvinced thats something thats happening).

Epic continue testing new gadgets, maybe some of the gadgets can help shake the current meta.


Their current thought is to reduce the material cap from 999 to 500 to limit the eiffel tower strat. This of course is causing great angst among the top-tier players that are top-tier due to this strategy.


Shotguns still need a nerf. They are way too good, even considering what they are supposed to be good at (close up).


I have seen today a stream from a guy called Tfue. He win by exploiting the rules of the game

One of the rules is you can’t edit enemy walls. This guy play these towers my like digging around, replacing enemy walls by his walls. When the enemy is behind is wall, he use that to instantly edit and shotgun.

Maybe another reason to go away from building is … building is kind of hacky, with many hacks and weird border cases.


I won two games in a row yesterday in Solo. I didn’t use a shotgun in either of them. Sniper rifles and the LMG and the minigun.

The hard counter to building are the above, specifically the minigun, which shreds defenses in record time thus keeping builders from rebuilding as a defense. You will hit them and they can’t shoot back because the hail of bullets prevents it. They have to run and hide.


LOL. I have almost never played Fortnite.

Just played my 1st ever match cross-platform w/ my son and his friend who were on PS4. They both died early. I skulked around and ended up winning the squad match. Also my 1st time ever winning a match. My 12 year old son and his friend were going crazy. They were screaming as the numbers dwindled down and I was somehow still alive. The next to last guy blew himself up trying to grenade me. So much fun.


Fortnite devs.

Hey, yeah, you guys. Why the heck can’t you let me define the output device for game audio? Spent like 20 minutes dicking around until I realized that fortnite sends out voice chat to your default “communications device” in windows and the game audio to your speakers default. IT splits signals but doesn’t let you define them. Pretty easy fix, I just disabled whatever virtual audio device was my default communications device, which I have never used before, and voila! Voice chat worked.