Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


Old West stagecoach popped into existence in Fortnite.


Cool stuff! I’m very disappointed that the fellow in the video didn’t immediately start farming it for mats though. :)


Llama’s are showing up around the world…






Lol! Well, those V-Bucks we all spent are going toward some solid marketing efforts at least. :D


I hope these announce the release of Viva Piñata 2. I loved that game.


Holy shit they added vehicles to the game. For real this time. Those magnificent bastards.

I predict Fortnite will eventually be bigger than Angry Birds.


Fortnite is about half the world of gamming, but that seems the ceiling. They can’t grown much larger without doing a Wii and actually getting no-gamers to play videogames (and they already are doing that to some level).

Can’t wait to get home and see the changes they have done to Save the World.


A few days ago, there was also this:


Of course, the real news is this:

Desert biome and golf carts added!


They need to make a spin off golf game now. :)


OMG the golf carts are super cool! The map has changed dramatically, too. So many new places and old places transformed! I only got to mess with it briefly this morning, but I was really happy with all the updates. Looking forward to putting a squad on a cart and wheelieing around the map!

Also… be on the lookout for anomalies… they are teleporters now!




Its pretty amazing how they are doing everything right with every step taken.

Anyone know if the PvE stuff went live also?


Hmm. They put gyro aim in for the Switch. Nice.


Not that anything can be done, but a reminder of the cultural appropriations that exist.


Did I stumble into the Politics and Religion section?


They have introducing “toys” and one is a golf ball you can use, exactly like in a golf game. When you score, it shows the distance on the screen.



That bear outfit is disturbing.

Also is her neck dark brown and her hands white?


yiff! yiff!