Fortnite - A New Game by Epic

I think you are suggesting, quite plausibly, that this is an emotional decision more than a financial one. There is more than one kind of profit I suppose.

Yes, he feels strongly about the matter. It pisses him off.

Why would have I known? I don’t watch Twitch, YouTube people I watch don’t play those kind of games. The kids in the family don’t play it that I know of (I don’t have kids). My coworkers have never mentioned it. I don’t believe they advertise, and even it they did I doubt it would explain what the game is. I have always assumed anything F2P is crap, so I was never even slightly curious of what it was. I have no idea if I have ever heard a Taylor Swift song either.

The only reasons I know about Fortnite are one, I follow game stuff for a variety of reasons, and two, sometimes I see my students playing on their phones. It occupies a niche though that is not one I would normally know anything about, or care, so I can definitely see @LeeAbe’s point. And I can’t remember a single Taylor Swift song either.

Located in Florida, Coral Castle is a rock sculpture garden said to be built by a man named Ed Leedskalnin from 1923 to 1951. It’s run as a museum now, located on the South Dixie Highway in Miami, where patrons can tour the coral rock garden.

Epic Games added a virtual Coral Castle, a stone structure that’s essentially Atlantis, in its new Fortnite season. Players can find it north of Sweaty Sands, and it’s very pretty. However, the folks who run the museum aren’t happy about it. Coral Castle filed its complaint with a Miami court on Thursday. Coral Castle, Inc. trademarked the name. But folks filing the lawsuit think Epic Games’ version has other things in common, too, like “nautical/beach motifs, castle structures, partial castle walls, and stone objects.” Also, the lawsuit claims that both the real Coral Castle and virtual Coral Castle “evoke the feeling of a centuries old mysterious place.” They said the infringement is clearly a violation of Coral Castle’s trademark.

I asked the kids (they are all 19+) of the family if they play Fortnite. Exact quote from a 19 year old, “Please, I am not 12.”

About right. We finally caved after a month of lockdown for my 11 yo and pretty much every word out of his and his friends mouth is Fortnite related. It’s a total kid culture and disturbing how deep the hooks are in.

At the same time, it inspired him to actually practice piano without being forced and he asked to sign up for dance classes. Three months in and he is getting good. Also it is HUGE leverage to get him to mow the lawn and do other chores.

Parenting is so fucked up for X-gen. My kid-hood without smartphones and youtube just does not match up. Totally winging it.

Fortnite is the Rock ‘n’ Roll… the Heavy Metal… the videogames! of their time.

There’s nothing nefarious in there. It’s a fun game that requires a lot of skill to be good. You need quick tactical thinking to win along with great manual dexterity. It’s always played against other humans, which means you’re learning how people act and react the entire time you play and have to figure out how to counter them.

It’s much more welcoming as a game community than many other shooters (first or third person style) because it requires cooperation to succeed. It connects kids to their friends. As with anything, moderation is important, but IMO this game and others like it are just the card playing of this era. It’s a way to hang out with friends and chat with a game as the initiator of the social time.

Sounds like a epic masterplan

“What evil thing we are doing to do today Pinky?”
“Steal the Big Ben!”
“Has been done before”
“Steal Florida ‘Coral Castle’”

(tried to google ‘steal bigben’ but I have not found any direct instance in pop culture)

I’m glad I checked in on this thread. Fuck Apple! Free the kids!

I can not wait for fortnitemares to be over. Cool for a couple of days but two weeks is taking the mickey.

It is finally over, thank God

Is anyone playing the STW mode? Its such a great coop experience, even with random strangers, but would be so much better with a regular group of friends.

Does this game populate with bots? I played a few rounds on PS4 way back when, and decided to check it out on PS5 mostly to see what they were doing with the guns and adaptive triggers as I didn’t want to buy CoD at the moment. Anyhow after the first game of me mostly adjusting settings mid match then getting killed by the ring I won the second game with 10 kills, so uh did I just murder a bunch of bots or was it real players?

Seven-year-olds usually aren’t good players.

Yeah, totally. I’m sitting next to my son on the couch and I watched him win 3 solo games in a row.

He’s 8 tho.

So $10 “worth” of worthless in-game currency. Sounds about right for a class action settlement.

Yeah, you know those lawyers are getting 500,000 vbucks themselves!