Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


damn… I had about 1800 coins saved up last week, and blew them before this Llama!! I’ll definitely save it for later!

The Troll Loot Llama is up for the next 8.5 hrs…


Grind grind grind, hurry! :)

Totally kidding. Save up your vbucks and a Super Hero Llama will come around. Those are really, really, nice if you’re looking for a Lengedary hero or two (or three or four or five, depending on how much rngesus loves you).

IIRC, Super People llamas are also a thing and can contain legendary heroes, but it’s more focused on Survivors. And while I think a stack of Legendary survivors is actually quite a bit more important than Heroes, the latter are a lot more fun.


HA!! I seriously considered it. but the rewards I’m showing right now aren’t too huge… so even if I played 4 hours… I’m not sure if I would get enough by then.

I’m also more interested in that super hero Llama vs the people one. I could use more quality heroes… I only have 1 Legendary one, and it’s a Ninja I’m not a huge fan of (the assassin… sounds cooler than it is IMHO)


Yeah, the Assassin is alright. I really like the Dim Mak ninja and the shuriken based one gets absurd (unless it was clobbered by the nerf bat in the EA release).

I love the ninja, but I gotta switch to Soldier since I got a legendary Urban Assault in the troll llama. Time to farm some levels when I get home!

And the Super Hero llama better not be tonight. I just blew my vbucks on the troll llama!


Didn’t know this, but just found out that you get the equivalent of Xbox One/Win10 “PlayAnywhere” if you buy PS4/PC version you get the other.


Is there some kind of cosmetic thing with heroes? I have been seeing this soldier with the face of a skull. If I go to the collections, none of the soldiers have the face of a skull.

Then I saw a ninja dude with a coolie hat and was all decked out in bright orange, also something I have not seen before.


Evolving heroes gives them new cosmetic items from what I can tell.


I thought that might be it, however, I just evolved my hero from level 2 to 3 and his appearance did not change as it slightly changed from level 1 to 2.


Correct, generally in the form of hats.

They can be toggled on and off ib the mission window where you set gadgets.

Option may not be present until you evolve.

Edit: my soldier gained a hat at 1 and i belive dog tags at 2, 6k exp to 3 to see what that does


One advantage of levelling multiple heroes to 20 – you can slot them as your hero buddies (2 cards next to your hero card on the hero page) and get a part of their stats, plus whatever bonus “support” and “tactical” abilities they have. So since I now have a builder, soldier, and ninja all at level 20, they can be my pals.

Epic heroes tend to have much better support and tactical bonuses, I’ve noticed.

(I still don’t have an Outlander hero I like enough to evolve… I got an epic “vanguard southie” but I am not too enthused about his plasma / phase.)

Also cool, but nobody has commented on: if anyone in your game achieves your quest objective, you get full credit for it! That’s so awesome. And ditto, I’ve picked up quest objectives up for others in the game because they were on my way to wherever I was going.



It requires 15 pure water to bring an epic to grade 2 and 20 for a legendary.
I get 4 in a mission.

I’m not a math major, but here are my calculations:
20/4 = F + U

And that is just for grade 2. i can’t imagine how long the higher ones take. There are also a million things you need to level


Speaking of getting credit for quests in missions by anyone… Troll keys and the troll “portal” How does one exactly finish that? There’s a big red skull and crossbones on the map, but I can’t interact with that portal there. It just hurts me and drains my stamina away…


I am frequently blocked on upgrades by lack of Pure Drop of Rain, without a doubt. It is less urgent now that I know upgrading a weapon to tier 3 is a crafting death sentence, though.

@ducker you can randomly get a troll key drop from a troll, then you have to find the troll chest on the level. It is hard. I have done it once.


Drops of rain, lightning in a bottle, etc are the real bottlenecks, IMO.


One thing I like of the PS4 version is the full keyboard support and text chat. Is rare to see in this times a text chat. It helps me a lot to communicate with people, make new friends and gauge the type of team I am in. Theres text macros, and I also use them (since are translated to everyone native language). Is good to say “storm chest here, come for free weapons!” and have people come to defend.


I would also recommend NOT evolving a blue hero from tier 2 to tier 3. You get a very small amount of stat bonuses, and the material cost is very high. It takes a lot of pure rain and lighting in a bottle that would have better spent elsewhere.


Mainly you get the 3 star ability, I guess, plus normal stat evolution? As others have pointed out, less than epic or legendary heroes seem to stop accruing perks / abilities at higher levels.

(This is visible on their stats page, you’ll notice for the best heroes they keep getting named perks / abilities at level 20+)

Still, levelling a weapon to tier 3 seems like a much worse use of resources than levelling a hero to tier 3, particularly if your hero abilities affect weapons / traps. For one thing heroes don’t degrade and get destroyed over time and need to be re-crafted from schematics at increasingly higher resource cost per tier…


FINALLY, I got an awesome large ammo gun. Triple shot sniper. From the description, “uses a lot of ammo” excellent, that’s exactly what I had in mind. I upgraded the heavy pistol to 20 as well but it’s just so-so, and barely uses ammo.

Also that double-barrel shotgun, even in the basic blue variant, is so beastly. I upgraded mine to level 20 and it does like 6k DPS – and, it is an area DPS! I am starting to really appreciate the power of weapons that do area DPS versus straight-line target DPS. And of course very ammo efficient, considering you can only ever fire two shells before reloading. But damn, those are some effective short range shells…

I guess that’s why the smoke cloud ninja is so popular, too: area DPS is crazy effective.


Can someone explain the blue glo siphon quest? It says to complete 3 of these in missions. So someone did one and the count was 1 / 3. Then I thought I did one, when I started it it was 2/3. So I defend the thing, and the first wave ends, then I go back to the siphon collect some blue glo and then it just ends and the quest goes to 0 / 3 done.


You have an option each stage to start the machine back up or collect. Collecting ends the siphon.