Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


I figured, but a guy can hope!


Just what we needed. Another zombie game.


Because the zombies don’t have a chair in the united nations!. BOO!. Zombies are people too. Why the discrimination against zombies?

Game makers don’t make games where the evil is Russians, Chinese or French, because these people buy games, and sometimes want to play as the good guys, not the bad guys!. This is why theres this horrible discrimination against Orks, Zombies and Vampires!


Game makers sould choose something else as evil things to kill. Perhaps Robots?


Yes, but this one sounds different.

And really, when you think about it we don’t have that many zombie games compared to the countless generic modern day first person shooters which all look and play exactly the same.


So with three zombie survival games coming out this fall, what ever happened to Fortnite? I Googled, but didn’t see any recent news on it other than it will be PC only and use the Unreal 4 engine.


It got eaten by a Grue!


Well that explains it!


Maybe are working with the chinese authorities tryiing to describe to then the zombies as “healty and young people with a hunger problem” to pass censorship.

Or the physic engine is creating energy from nothing, and a OIL corporations is paying CliffyB so he don’t release the game.

Or are stuck on the tribunals, because the game infringe a few patents on Lego Star Wars.

Or maybe the game first player was so good, theres not need to anyone else to play it again and are archived the project.

Maybe have send a alpha build to the England Queen, and she don’t like it, and as send a very angry letter to the P.O.U.S.A (president of usa), to stop development.

Or maybe a journalist a raised a “Information embargo” about the game, and the game is released and all, but since all journalist obey the embargo, nobody knows anything about it being released.


Way to think outside the box ^ :D


It’s POTUS , not POUSA. :p


So it seems this game is approaching alpha status. 500 Keys were given out at PAX. Other than that, I haven’t seen any news on this since last year.


Fortnite features the cooperative third-person shooter core Epic Games is known for, but rather than throwing you into scripted events and corridors, the game challenges you to explore the environment for resources and build fortresses while fending off waves of attackers at the same time. With an RPG-like progression system, Diablo-like looting, multiple campaigns of varying lengths, procedurally generated worlds, and the promise of player vs. player battles, Epic is offering plenty of replayability that it hopes will provide the game with a long lifecycle.

Oh and some gameplay


The website is up too and you can sign up for the alpha.


Signup final step doesn’t seem to work. :(


Worked fine for me, maybe its getting a lot of hits right now.


Does it feel a bit checkbox-y?

Procedural worlds and building from Minecraft!
Horde of zombies in an online coop!
RPG progression system!
Diablo-like random loot!


Paid early access starts on July 25th. The game will eventually go fully free-to-play.


They are offering a $149 package! How can anyone say no?


That has a $350 value. That seems like the BEST VALUE proposition!


I can only imagine the level of grind the F2P people will eventually suffer to get up to $350 worth of value. :D