Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


There are some really good modifier storm missions out there, I got 6 + 12 drops of rain from one of them – and they’re not super hard. They do expire though so you have to jump on them. 18 mother-flippin’ drops of rain from a single mission! They tend to be a bit harder because of the weirdo modifiers (the slow on hit modifier is a particular kick in the ass, especially combined with the acid cloud on death one too) but nothing super tough IMO.

I got another legendary hero finally, some electric base dude. Thanks to the deluge of drops of rain (praise RNGesus) I’m leveling him up to use in my alternate slot and I am also levelling up the other legendary soldier I got as part of the founders pack. Legendary heroes are pretty tough to get, so maximize the ones you do have.


@wumpus what is the tiny rocket pistol called? I wants one.


@lordkosc it’s the Tiny Instrument of Destruction. a very nice area clearing weapon!

And I cleared a painful 14 day mission Survive the storm.
~4h 15m it was interesting… but also rather boring. The day time farm sessions really get boring. I definately think you should stock up on supplies before jumping in. Specifically like nuts & bolts for more ammunition, and materials for cheap traps. As one tactic is to really just spread spikes all over the ground, and build up just on the outside.


Are you picking up the daily rewards during the mission? Every day you (and everyone on your team) get a new present full of building supplies.


Thats what I did. Is horde supplies for spike traps. I carpeted the area. My bags had like 100 / 120 of materials mostly for spike traps. I must have built over 300 of them on account that I used up all my duck tape, of which I had at least 3 stacks.

In the end my damage score was around 18,000 . I think my “xp” was 172,000 or so, but since it was level 14 that meant I got 0 real xp for it.

It worked really well. Just don’t place the too close to the spawn areas because lighting will destroy them. Also you may need a double stone foundation or a metal one because the exploding guys will destroy them otherwise.

The mission is a chore, and the final kick in the balls is that you do not actually get the hydra schematic. You get a transform which will give you the schematic after eating a bunch of other high level things. Fortunately I had the pneumatic hammer legendary which got me 350 / 500 units of the way. I still sacrificed more than I wanted too to get the hydra.

These devs… I think in a lot of ways they have their heads up their own asses.


Theres a new meta / exploit. Build archs on top the monsters spawn vortex, with a high level trap on top (like the poison gass one). Monsters will spawn in the trap (and the vortex will not destroy the structure) and most of them will die. The husk with a explosive thing will explode and damage the structure, but can be repaired with a few cheap mats.


I like this game.


oh for sure… that daily reward during the survive missions is key… Before I started I didn’t know about it. It would have been nice for some type of tip when selecting the mission to mention — we’ll be able to drop you a shipment of supplies each morning.

Still totally enjoying the game though.


I’ve kind of fallen out of love with the new weapons. Yeah, they have more impact, but they give up too much for it generally.

I’m probably not even going to use the pistol linked early. However, i will use it to do the quest for killing mist monsters with the a new weapon.


Huh so there are Mythic heroes. Only one per class apparently and they are insanely rare. That makes sense, as I’ve barely ever seen legendary heroes in many many many many llama drops.

  • Swordmaster Ken
  • Phase Scout Jess
  • Megabase Kyle
  • Master Grenadier Ramirez

@Murbella I have such a hard time finding guns that use heavy ammo that I like at all, so for me the Piston Spitter is a winner just to plow through that ammo type. I had the epic three shot heavy sniper but it went through ammo like crazy and it wasn’t that great.


I’d totally agree as I’ve found only 3 legendary.
Stonefoot Crash
Centurion Hawk
Dragon Scorch

And that being said - I’m primarily using epic Heroes : Rescue Trooper Ramirez or Pathfinder Jess


Wow you have 3 legendary from llamas? That’s exceedingly lucky, I got zero (extra, over the founders edition bundled ones) legendary heroes until I completed plankerton.

I highly recommend you prioritize the legendary heroes as they have better stats, better squad perks, and better high level abilities… you want to max out your stats by having legendaries in both squad bonus slots.

health 12.4k
shield 5.2k

support squad slots: blank, no squad bonus

health 9.1k
shield 3.7k

support squad slots: level 10 epic heroes in both

health 10.6k
shield 4.4k

It is looking like Canny Valley is effectively the end of the game at this point as there’s no story in that zone… so I may put this down for a while to give them time to add more content. I loved the hell out of Fortnite so far, though. Gives me hope for other procedurally generated and user-building FPS games.


That is true for me as well, but i question whether a magnum of the same level would be better overall. You also have to craft the heavy ammo too, which is more costly than lower ammos if i remember right.


Is using legendary heroes really better than good bonuses though?

For example, i’m using Dim Mak (smoke bomb) now and i have the throwing star assassin who gives +15% ability damage.

For my tactical i just generally use whomever is highest though, until i get the mythic constructor that makes you regain full shields when you use smoke bomb (yeah right…).


No, it is the same. Only energy ammo has different crafting, uses batteries as I recall.


I just made it to canny valley. The change in the tile set is a sight for sore eyes. However, I am not sure how much is left for me in the game.

I got the super hero pack last night and got a the electro constructor hero. Then I also managed to craft a legendary hero and got basically the same thing. I am still playing with my blue jonsey though and things are really tough at over level 40.

I do have several legendary heros. I have the throwing star one which I played a bit and got my ass handed to me over and over. I kind of wanted to try a sword focused ninja so the dragon guy was one I was after but didn’t get. I do have a purple level ninja called the skirmisher who seems to be a mix of swords and stars. Is he any good? I do not think I have ever seen anyone play him.

I guess I need something fresh or my time with this game is just about done.


Battle Royale incoming…


They obviously have no idea what to do with this game. Just build shit and see what sticks. They should fix the fundamental design problems with the game before introducing new ones.


Cool, so I don’t have to buy PUBG now!


This strikes me as something mandated by an executive looking at the success of PUBG. Kind of like how when Trendy was sold to some VCs, they insisted that Dungeon Defenders 2 be made into a MOBA, despite that making no sense whatsofucking ever.