Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


I enjoy it. In some ways it’s better than PUBG, in most ways it’s not as good. I have not had to wait more than 1-2 minutes total from end of drop to beginning of next though on XB1.

I do enjoy how the building of stuff integrates into it, and that’s mostly where I feel it feels different enough from PUBG. I hate third person in pvp games though as a general rule


I guess Founder’s Program buyers get a special hang-glider and umbrella for Battle Royale mode. Whee!

Your Battle Royale Founder’s glider and umbrella will be entitled to your account with the Sept. 26 update featuring the addition of squads to the game. Just load Fortnite Battle Royale and you’ll automatically find your new glider/umbrella enabled in-game.


I haven’t played it yet, what do you do with them.


I haven’t seen the umbrella yet. The glider is what you float down from the “drop-bus” at the start of the Battle Royale.


So now that the 100 player Battle Royale is free, there is a 10+ minute wait to sign on for me. And I want to play the regular part of the game that I paid for…



I put this down until they patch something interesting in the main game. They should fix it though to be a separate queue.


I want to play more, but there isn’t enough variety to keep me coming. (which is sad since the maps are all procedural generated and very cool!)


I’ve been playing the battlegrounds copy mode and it’s… interesting. I had never played a Battle Royale style game before. Definitely amps up the hysteria level a hundredfold. I don’t mind the dynamic 1-v-1s of the mode, but it sure is a bummer the way you can get killed instantly by people who are camping in wait.

Overall I like it, but it feels… random?


Right now the performance seems… off. My son’s machine lags to no end, and while I don’t have the same lag issues it just doesn’t feel super fluid. I’ve not played PUBG, so have no point of comparison there. It seems fun, but very early. I’m also not sure how to leverage the building of stuff yet.


Having played PUBG a fair bit now, Fortnite Battle Royale is a remarkably accurate copy. The main thing it is missing is vehicles which is kind of a severe omission. There’s less opportunity to frenetically outrun the blue zone without vehicles, and the insane loud vehicle driveby attraction aspect.

As for the mobile cover vehicles offered, that’s no problem; you have standard Fortnite building and that works perfectly. Caught in a field? Just build where you stand; you’ll have enough for at least 4 reasonable walls even with the basic stuff you pick up as you run around.

The grenade launchers and rockets have a whole 'nother meaning in this mode since they DO blow up all structures and are fantastic for flushing people out of any kind of building. Way different than PUBG in that regard, where camping in buildings is hard to deal with.

edit: it is also missing random airplane crate drops but those are so infrequently accessible to me that I often forget they exist. Apparently they’re adding them soon.


Man, one thing that’s a lot better here is when you get randomly stuck in the open with no natural cover or buildings, you can pop some cover up and actually have a chance of surviving. Shooting down walls is possible but it burns a lot of ammo, and if they have grenades / rockets, they probably want to save them for the endgame, not waste them on a mid-game engagement.

Lack of vehicles is probably my #1 complaint; if you are way far behind the circle you are pretty much screwed. No chance of squeaking out a thrilling last minute escape from the creeping blue death by finding a buggy or jeep. You don’t have great map mobility as a result, and that’s a shame.

edit: holy cow they JUST added duos and supply drops, like literally since I played 30 minutes ago. Giving it a shot.


I guess I’m going to have to try this, but I can’t imagine the gunplay is as enjoyable


I played 3 rounds and said NOPE, but I can’t imagine myself liking PUBG much either.


I disagree. It’s a copy, and it’s decent for what it is, but I wouldn’t call it accurate. Beyond the missing vehicles, the big things Fortnite doesn’t have that PUBG does is the wide-open flat spaces and the jank. Both are crucial to PUBG’s success in gameplay and as a streaming phenomenon. As much as people complain about getting sniped while traversing the middle fields or the way the wonky physics can result in an asset flipping into the stratosphere, both elements are also part of the attraction.

Fortnite Battle Royale is good, but it’s not a one-to-one substitute for PUBG.


You also can’t go prone.

It’s a more fast-paced version of the game, minus the vehicles which is a bummer. Vehicles are really the only thing I miss. PUBG feels like this vast, enormous island and the island in Fortnite is certainly “generously sized”, but smaller and a bit tighter because it has to be smaller – there are no vehicles to get around. You’re hoofing it 24/7.

The gunplay is solid, but the guns are more cartoony in Fortnite as a rule. You won’t be plinking people from across the map with a 4x scope. The sniper rifles are accurate though.

If anything this is a critical test to see if “battle royale” as semi-perfected by PUBG is a magic formula. I kinda think it is, to be honest.


It’s definitely a hit.


So I guess the original concept, the PvE zombie fort defense game is going by the way side for a PUBG clone instead.


They said there are 2 teams, so I would hope the PvE stuff isn’t dropped.


I doubt they’ll ever drop it, but I do worry about focus and resources being pulled away.


Hey the new Horde Bash mode is here.

They added… a new… skill… tree. JFC. Because that’s what this game needed, ANOTHER FUCKING SKILL TREE.

On top of that, it’s a resource constrained mode which I don’t find to be a whole lot of fun. You need to bring your cheap weapon plans and ration ammo across various weapons, plus melee of course, and make heavy use of character abilities.