Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


Behind you!, it has moved!


Fortnite has truly developed its own distinct flavor of Battle Royale by now. Check out the crazy amount of dynamic on-the-run building in this epic 23 kill duo stream:

This guy’s aim is incredible, first of all, but so is his combat building! Building above and below you while going up is really smart, too, I hadn’t thought of that. Clearly the building isn’t just a tacked-on gimmick, it changes the way the game is played, and is fully integrated into the combat.

(The core building unit is wall, with upward stairs in behind, which you’ll see a lot in the above video.)

There are no vehicles in FBR which is a bummer, probably the primary difference between this and PUBG – but they recently blew my mind when they added super powered directional jump pads, which you can pick up as epic drops, and build as floor traps. So if you’re getting stuck in the storm, if you have one of these, throw down a floor, drop the trap, and run over it in the direction you want to go. You can get high enough to glide on these, briefly, and if you put them on a hill even more so.

I didn’t even think of that, and I’ve seen and used the jump pads in PvE. Very clever.

They keep fixing little things about the game (smoke bombs are now in it, variable foot sounds based on surface, reduced foot sounds from allies) and I dunno, I think this could out-PUBG PUBG in the long run based on the sustained development skill they are bringing to bear here…


I play it off and on. It’s fun, but the map needs to be like twice the size and they need vehicles. They add that and I would consider it a pretty compelling package. It really never feels like PUBG to me though. It’s just too cartoony for me to get into it like i do PUBG. PUBG puts me into a trance of paranoia and dread. This one is just fun. ;) The one nice thing is that you can’t bloody cheat. That’s what drives me INSANE in PUBG. :(


I forgot to mention, they are adding more locations to the existing map, as well as more unique area foliage. Right now it is a bit busy with only ~10 “major” locations to drop to on the map.


I sometimes play this one with my cousin. Great times!.


If they don’t want to add vehicles, then add super jump pads or something that launch you up high enough to use your glider again.


Already in, if you read my earlier reply…


Ya ya , I see it now. :p


I tried it last night. The game crashed on me at the end of the match. :/


Hmmmm… shrub assault looks fantastic. I like they are trying something with 50v50, with forts on both sides, imagine some capture the flag!


Man, that mode looks like a lot of fun. It’s the large teams that make building worthwile.


Loaded this up in Xbox. I’ve never played an H1Z1 clone before so it’s all new to me. I played 3 games. Died about ten seconds after landing each time. Maybe I should be watching for other gliders following me down?

Looks fun though. Will need to scoot closer to the TV and try again.


Yeah 50 v 50 is … interesting.

A lot of it seems to hinge on one team or the other getting a sizable numeric advantage early on and then rolling through as an overwhelming force. It is important to bunch up with allies before the scales tip too far against you. Once it’s 2:1 (say 25 vs 13) you are basically done. Look for the green arrows, those are allies, you can’t tell who is an ally until you land from the drop though so be careful.

It relaxes the requirement that you stay with your team – as long as you have allies nearby, you’re good, or can be pretty sure there are not enemies nearby. So the tension is reduced a bit too.


Theres something going on with Epic.

Paying customers have lot of lag problems that PvP players don’t have.

They seems to be prioritizing the PvP players over their paying customers.


Fortnite has a PVE mode?



I’m been trying out the new BR here and there. I haven’t gone back in to the PvE side in a while lately (but I want to soon as it is fun - just too repetitive/grindy … want too much small little things that all need to be leveled up)

They monetized the hell out of the PvP side… wow! They must be seeing some $$ from that side for the amount of effort they have put in to attempting to capitalize revenue there.


We all are honorary members of a elite squad of soldiers / outlanders / engineers saving humanity.

Look in your arm, that tatto says “Shield Defense Squad”.

We are here to help humanity, not to fight among ourselves.


I have not played fortnite in several months. I have no interest in PvP, so this new mode is worthless to me. I gave them tuns of feedback on the grindy nature on Fortnite, yet nothing has been done about it.

It is really sad, because at its core, fortnite is a great idea. It just has an epically bad progression system. They really need to take their entire progression system and throw it in a fire and start over.

If they monetize the PvE game, it should be done via aesthetic choices you can make. For example, I think you should start off with 1 character slot, and you can customize the avatar any way you like (skin color, clothing choices, shape / size, etc…).

For some small amount of money you can buy a whole wardrobe set, ie: The surfer set which has a whole bunch of beach wear clothing and accessory choices. You could have many such sets, such as the city worker set (fireman, police man, EMT, construction worker, etc…), military set, formal ware set, etc… You could also sell extra character slots too.

The progression should be a simple skill system where each level you get 1 point to spend. You have several trees to pick from and you just pick and choose perks as you desire.

Then just get rid of the grind and have your survivors do something interesting like produce resources and built stuff for you.


For like… the 4th time. :)


Were the others this bad? I know you gave me a brief description of a previous one and it didn’t sound half bad.