Fortune discovers the Wii

Read all about it here.

Fucking incredible revenue-per-employee and profit-per-employee numbers in there. Kicking Google’s ass is flat out amazing.

As I said in another thread, forget money hats. Nintendo is printing money spacesuits and flying to the stars in spaceships made of money.

Nicely written article.

Props to Nintendo for having the right product at the right time.

Wow. Ain’t that the truth.


But while he acknowledges a slow start, Jack Tretton, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, thinks it’s too early to start talking winners. “You have to give Nintendo credit for what they’ve accomplished,” says Tretton, who’s quick to point out that Sony has come out with some innovative controllers too. “But if you look at the industry, any industry, it doesn’t typically go backwards technologically. The controller is innovative, but the Wii is basically a repurposed GameCube. If you’ve built your console on an innovative controller, you have to ask yourself, Is that long term?”

I… I… I got nothing. I love it when Sony execs talk.

yeah! building your console around a george forman grill and yet another new media format, now that is a long term solution!

While game consoles typically attract youngish males with an antisocial streak,

I wonder where in the world they ever got that idea from?