Forum Challenge: Most Expensive Steam Game + DLC

I was browsing Steam today and was recommended a game. When I expanded the DLC tab I had to scroll… and scroll… and scroll to the total cost of the DLC.

Total cost for the base game and DLC: $16,653.52

Can anyone top that?

Sensible to restrict it with the words “Steam” and “Game” or Star Citizen would win for all time.

I can’t load steam right now but I bet there’s a train simulator with $100,000 worth of DLC somewhere on Steam.

Okay, Steam is loading for me now. It looks like Train Simulator has a mere $10,000 in DLC, so I didn’t come anywhere close to winning.

Please link it! Still a worthy competitor.

There’s currently about about 580ish DLC, but this is likely to change before I hit Save Edit.

Rocksmith hits a respectable $6,808.45

You realize that Fantasy Grounds isn’t a “game” per se, right? It’s a platform for playing pen and paper RPG’s in a virtual space, so most of that “DLC” is game books.

I suspect the likes of EU4 ($360) probably win the prize if we restrict it to games where it’s actually intended that you’ll buy all the DLC, instead of hobby kits like Train Simulator and Fantasy Grounds. I’m open to being proven wrong, though.

EVE Online can beat that amount with a single DLC at $499.99:

Which again gets to just how complicated this question really is - is a block of in-game currency really “DLC?” If so, since I’m sure you can buy that over and over, isn’t every game where you can buy in-game currency the winner with “infinity” as its DLC cost?

Poking around Steam is just fascinating…

This game has 5 DLC priced at $200 with descriptions that tell people they shouldn’t buy it…

Especially since some of these pack provide a distinct unlockable only available there in addition to currency.

Interesting. It looks like this was a Kickstarter game, so maybe that’s how they handled backer rewards? Like, they’d send you a code for the DLC if you backed it, but they still had to put a price on the DLC product?

Paradox is slacking off

Having a public listing is unnecessary iirc

Wow that’s… odd. I wonder what’s going on there?

There’s more fun stuff out there, like this $999 game:

Or this, which is apparently a certification training utility in game form:

Fair point - I’ll disqualify my own entry.

The fun part of this is you can’t just sort by price. It requires delving deep into Steam store. So far we have some pretty interesting finds!

It’s definitely an interesting exercise! It also makes it very clear just how nebulous “game” and “DLC” really are. Who knew Staem was being used as a sales platform for certification training tools, for example?

That one is a “game” though. Reminds me of the early “edu-tainment” industry, like the Davidson & Associates Living Books series. “Maybe if we make it flashy the kids won’t notice we’re trying to teach them something!”

Of course, if I played it I’d have a practical skill at the end - unlike The Witness.