Forum Game: Guess the Abbreviation

  1. Had to use a couple of hints and wiped out on PM: tT-YD.

Only 36, mostly because I can’t remember subtitles. :cry:

  1. Subtitles got me too (for the most part). Nice quiz, though :)

27 here. Subtitles killed me.

[color=white]BTW, GTA III isn’t Vice City. :)

By the way, Jim, it’s totally awesome that you can play Time Pilot in the company arcade! Is there a Robotron machine, too?

75, here. Missed a couple in the hard category. It helps that I’ve played pretty much all the games you listed. Thanks to Matt G. for the names of the titles I missed.

Yes there is! Currently I’m the top score with 1M and change, although I’m not sure how much longer that may stand. I’ve always been a Robotron 2084 snob; I regard it as the very pinnacle of twitch-based video games. There are no patterns to memorize, no 1-ups to gather, no buttons to mash. It’s just pure, instinctive reaction. I’ve always preferred the random games (Robotron, Time Pilot, Battlezone, etc.) over the patterned games (Pac-Man, Popeye, Commando, etc.).

I’m just delighted that anybody else remembers Time Pilot. It was my favorite game, as a kid.

58, or 61 depending on [color=#EFEFEF]whether MoO is “Masters” or “Master.” Google seems divided on the issue.[/color]

I only got HZ in the hard section (and that was with a hint), and I missed the subtitle for KQV.

PS Time Pilot is second only to Gyruss in my personal pantheon.

[color=white]It’s “Master”[/color]

I got somewhere in the mid-high 50’s. I got all the easies, only HZ in the hards. Mediums were a mixed bag, largely because of the subtitles, like everybody else.

61 it is!

Was csipgw-h even around when that game came out? That might have been before the schism in sissypigs that created that w-h monster?


Yeah it was the first wargames to come out after the group started. We even had a guest post from Mark, telling us to be thankful to Norm for giving us something to talk about :) .