Forum game, whut?

SWB and I were talking about one or the other of us running a Qt3 forum game. It would be guaranteed to suck 100% less than Citadel II or your money back! If it were Option 1, I’d play in it and she’d run it; if it were Option 2, we’d sanity-check off of each other, because God knows, we both need sanity checks.

Option 1 - A few-frills Mafia game set in the Prohibition era (Roaring 20s, I’d say) with a couple of twists, the biggest of which is a set of restrictions on players PMing each other, because Qt3 games degenerate into utter public silence while everything happens in PMs and that’s lame. I was thinking of the cops being the “bad guys” infiltrating the booze-running, Nathan Detroit-style gangsters.

Option 2 - A totally oddball forum game that isn’t a Mafia/Vampire game at all, but more of a wide-open forum-based diceless action-RPG set in my envisioning of the Mage setting called True Believers, in which belief is power and characters range from Unitarian Universalist super-Optimists who can turn people good just by being around them to hammer-wielding Sons of Thor and ninja who are much less powerful when working in a party.

Option 3 / 4 - Self explanatory.

I clicked on this thinking “Man, I wish someone would run a forum game that isn’t Mafia again.” What does option 2 play like?

Think of it as a forum-based RP such as one might stereotypically play on the internet. Character actions and descriptions thereof written up by players except where they conflict with other characters/NPCs, at which point they get sent to the GM and the GM figures out what happens and writes them up.

The game system requires no dice, has no hitpoints or other such stats. The only “stats” are your character’s belief system (which guides his every move), a few broad-stroke skill areas, and one or two “Impossibilities”, which are your broad-stroke powers beyond what is possible in the real world.

It sounds interesting, and yet the lack of “rules” has done nothing but frustrate the players in your other two games. So…I would be extremely hesitant over your sanity check in that game.

While option 2 sounds more interesting, it also has the sounds of something that might wind up being close to unworkable.

Hey, me too. But it was something I was kicking around in my head and it was the only non-Mafia/Vampire idea I’ve had which was workable.

Not to derail your thread, but it’d be cool to get some other kind of game going. It doesn’t have to be an RPG. What about something like the movie frame game, but for games instead of movies? Or take a line of dialog or a character name. Does that sound fun to anyone?

Daniel, I think all of those would belong in other forums. But heck, I’d play 'em. :D

And Aaron, you never mentioned running the second one on here to me. <thbbbbbt> But the first sounds like something quick and dirty, or not necessarily quick depending on the number of players. The others were fun to play and/or read, so I’d be in favor of trying to run the first option while sanity-checking Aaron’s, uh, creative rule system.

Number 2 sounds interesting, but utterly complex and confusing that will end in tears. So I voted number 1.

Abbreviated names stink. I didn’t know who you meant until she posted here. I was running through acronyms:

Is it Son of Women’s Bane? I thought that guy would NEVER have children.

Or perhaps it was Santa’s Wicked Blade? He gives it to the naughty kids.

Maybe it was Sister of the Witch Brood? How she escaped being part of the brood, we’ll never know!

Sorry, Robert. Aaron and I post with regard to each other fairly frequently.

Edit, regarding comment below: I also have approximately 6.7% of his post count, so “frequently” is relative.

coughs I don’t. She does.

The vast majority of my posts are P&R snark or in the Cataclysm thread.

Lame, I know, but I’d be sort of interested in trying a classic mafia game (never played before) if it’s reasonably short and has clear, simple rules.

Edit: option 2 does sound more interesting but I’m not sure it would be fun and smooth, in practice.

The mafia game would, in fact, be reasonably short and have clear, simple rules.