Forum photography gathering application?

There are a couple of forums, such as and a couple of aircraft photography forum, where I sometimes just want to grab all of the photos posted and see if there are any of interest. This is particularly true for some of the photography forums (I’m an avid digital photography buff.) Ideally, what I’d like to do is somehow enter the url for the forum topic (such as “photoshop tips and tricks”) and have the application gather all the photos people post in the actual posts and threads in the forum.

When I asked someone about this, they said “oh, you want to be a leech!” Which certainly sounds like a pejorative term! So two questions:

Are there apps that will do this for me? I’m using Firefox.

Is this considered a “no-no”?

I don’t have a problem grabbing the photos when I open each thread and look and use something like Flashgot - what I was hoping for was something that would look in each thread for me and automatically grab the photos for me.

Thanks - Jeff