Forum request reduce time between searches

Since Tom is now back in charge, I thought I make request about something which I hope is less controversial than spoiler tags.

I constantly find myself staring at screen saying this forum required 60 seconds between searches, please try again in 27 seconds.

I pretty routinely want to find out what I or another poster said about a subject, or just try to narrow down which one of the 17 Skyrim threads, has the hint I am looking for.

I almost never run into the search restriction on other forums, I think the default for Vbulletin is 15 or 30 seconds. Could we please change it to something like 15 seconds, long enough to frustrate computers but short enough it would not be problem to humans.

This server falls over in a stiff breeze as it is - increasing the frequency of searches probably won’t help matters.

Give those with larger post counts or older join dates less time between searches to prevent the server from being overloaded :)

Works for me.

Use Google site search.

I don’t understand why anyone uses anything but the google site search. It’s more accurate anyway.

The delay is there on purpose, as the searches are very intensive. Please try not to use the built-in search at all. Use the google site search whenever possible.

Yes, use google, put this in the google search box: stuff I want to search for

The Google search box right here on the site does the site: thing for you.

Yeah, Google Search is the way to go for general searches. The only time i use the built-in search is when I’m searching for posts by a specific forum member.

What if we all chipped in for a math coprocessor for the server, would that help with easing the strain of searching?

Pretty sure I have an 8087 in my junk drawer…