Forum Responsiveness

Since last night I’ve noticed a very unusual lack of responsiveness in this forum and only this forum. It’s happening across multiple devices, too, both wired and wireless. I’ll go to load a thread and the little wheel will just turn and turn. If I reload the page it usually pops up right away. The most irritating thing about this, though, is that I’ll sometimes go to make (or edit) a comment, and the “Saving” box pops up…but it never goes away and never saves, and if I reload the page the comment or edit is just gone. Anybody else experiencing this?

I’ve also noticed similar issues.

Only since last night? I didn’t change anything since then, and our monitoring hasn’t gone off.

Hmm, I’ve probably noticed it in the last 2 days or so. It’s like an intermittent problem where requests take longer than usual. Unfortunately I’ve not had the patience to see if they time out or are just a bit slow. I just refresh the page and it loads correctly.

If it happens again I’ll see if I can gather some more info.

I have seen that happen before myself, but only once maybe twice a week at most. By the time I login to the server and check it out the problem resolves itself. I assume a blocking DB lock somewhere.

Yeah, it’s really, really bad for me, happening practically every time I submit a comment.

This seems very different to the issue I was posting about. My issue is most likely the intermittent DB lock @stusser described.

Every time is really weird. I definitely don’t see it anywhere near that often.

I looked at Sidekiq this morning and saw a cluster of errors, so I ssh’d In and restarted Discourse. That seemed to clear up the issues for me. The error spike started 3 days ago, I think. I have no clue what it was.

Sounds good. Thanks guys.

Rock and roll.

I’ll just toss in my anecdote, in case it might be useful:

I too was experiencing this intermittently for the last few days (maybe 2 or 3 days?).
However, not at all today.

When it has happened to me before, it was likewise intermittent and only lasted a couple of days and then disappeared completely, so I didn’t worry about it. It has maybe happened like one of those two-day incidents I described every 3 to 4 months or so.

Oh wait, I’m sorry, I just read your post more carefully. I never had that happen, where my comment would vanish! That would truly suck!

I just got a 10-second saving message making a post on thefood thread. The rest of the forum is working fine (I came straight here to report)

Well, it is still (or again?) happening for me. Had two edits to a comment in the Dark Souls 3 thread hang in the last hour. When it happens I have to actually close the browser to fix it. Simply reloading the page does not help.