Forum thing where you fi****correct something with asterisks

That thing some of you do where you jokingly amend something with asterisks or 8s.

What is that? Where’s it come from?

Example: I love Batm **** Bruce Wayne.
Example: Come over baby, I’m hor **** excited to see you!

(I’m using it terribly b/c I’m not cool, but you get what I mean, right, cool kids?)

Is it just because the person doesn’t know how to do strikethrough?

Back in my youth, we faked ^H^H and we liked it.

That’s the thing! ^H^H! What is that?!

(dumb me: asterisks! that’s just wrong)

Is that still used? Back in the ascii terminal days (and, hey, still works), all terminal control characters could be input with CTRL+letter, with the letter starting with A at value 1. CTRL+H represents character 8, the control character for backspace.
I don’t know if there was no backspace key at the time, or why ^ was used to represent control, but that’s what it means. And where ^C came from, that’s a little more known.

Terminal! I imagined it was something to do with coding or sysadmin stuff. Thanks for the explanation.

I don’t get what you mean…………

This is a silly thread, D***Munky.

BS \u0008 ( CTRL+H )

Telnet programs would send a ctrl-H through the connection when you pressed backspace, and the telnet server on the other end was supposed to recognize it as a backspace and do that for you. In the cases where the server didn’t do that though, you ended up with ctrl-H sent to the screen every time you pressed backspace. Control characters were represented in the terminal window as ^?, where ? is the key you pressed with control. So, in servers where it was recognized you could hit backspace or ctrl-H, either would do a backspace, and in servers that didn’t, either would make a ^H on the screen.

It still comes up!

You probably have to adjust your Terminal settings using Terminal → Preferences → Settings → Advanced → (un)check Delete sends Control-H

To troubleshoot and see what your Backspace is actually sending, enable network data debug in your Telnet by…

Yeah, we were doing that stuff back in the late 70s.

I am of that age, but my ailing memory from approaching senior citizen status has caused me to forget most control codes.

I have a very large pe^H^Htube steak

We also used to stop messages partway by typ~~~&&[email protected] # 4*$ ing ++ATH


This is why the dash, em dash and en dash are being slowly edged out of existence in common parlance, you filthy savages.