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Any chance of these forums getting broken down into categories like they were before? I kinda liked it better that way. Anyway, glad you guys are back!


I think we definitely want to do that. We just have to sit down and, umm, actually do it. Stand by.


We can do it. I’d prefer to not have too many categories. How about “Games”, “Everything Else”, and “Movies and Books”?

We could break down “Movies and Books” into their own categories too.

It’s not hard to do. I’d appreciate input from people as to what they’d like to see.

Another thing we can do with these new boards is have the topics automatically deleted after X number of days without any new posts. So far, that isn’t enabled. Do people care if dead topics disappear after, say, 60 days with no new messages posted? Or would people prefer to have them stick around longer?

Let the people give voice to their desires!

If space isn’t a problem, I’d prefer the topics stick around here, oh, forever. It’s always nice to be able to find fun stuff in the archives using Search. I realize that’s not as crucial here as it is on, say, a digital photography forum or, but it could still be handy.

We need some kind of good general name for a media forum… Books. Movies, Magazines, Comics, and TV… (Or are we too elite for Comics and TV here :?: )

I like to be able to see the old posts, too. Too bad there’s not a way to whittle it down without deleting. After a while I imagine it’s going to get pretty crowded if we never delete anything. The feature on the old boards where it would just show you what had been posted in the last day was nice that way.

I would like to see more than Everything Else. Movies and Books seems like a fine addition to me. I think we can just work comics and TV shows in there. I would hate for the topic to be named something silly like Multimedia.

The feature on the old boards where it would just show you what had been posted in the last day was nice that way.

If you are a registered user just click, view messages since last visit. Makes it very clean and easy. Also makes the point of what goes where moot as it lists everything ignoring what category where the message was posted.


Everything we say here should be preserved for posterity. We are that important and interesting and funny. We must never be forgotten!

Thanks, Chet. I hand’t noticed that option. I will have to give that a try next time.