Is anyone else playing this? It’s a web based RPG/adventure game based on internet culture. The writing is excellent and the characters are fucking awesome. Also, it uses the latest in RoR/AJAX wankery, thus making it technically superior to any other game of this type.

Some links:
Interview with one of game’s creators at
Forumwarz on Wikipedia


What a fucking joke of a game. Why would you play a game pretending to be an internet forum troll when you can just pick up a web browser and teach yourself to be a forum troll in real life? You aren’t going to get any pussy by PRETENDING to be a forum troll… how fucking pathetic!

Keep in mind that in Estonia, warz forum you.

This is pretty cool!

But is it prison rape cool?

I see you aren’t hardcore enough to take your picture page trolling to the next level.

Dunno yet, lemme go back to another thread in another section and check.

The adventure game aspects are cool, but the forum attacks get repetitive very quickly.

Immediately after selecting the “troll” class, it let me choose an avatar. Ron Paul was one of the choices.

This game is already awesome.

Tell them to make their website work in Opera.

Their server is way overloaded.

This reminds me of my friend Herr Doktor, who upon seeing The 40 Year Old Virgin, rather sniffily complained that Andy wasn’t ‘doing it right’ when he was painting his miniatures >.<

Irony I salute thee.

I’ve made an account, God Damn Me.


The combat is pretty lame so far, but damn if the dialogue and ideas aren’t hilarious.

I feel the same way about Grand Theft Auto (and Leisure Suit Larry).

Since when were you Dave Long?

When you gaze into Dave Long, Dave Long also gazes into you.

Okay, this game is seriously great. It’s hilarious.

Heh. We used to call the female zombies in Dead Rising “crotch zombies” because their animations would often make it look like they were taking a bite out of your crotch. Wonder if they had similar inspiration for their name…