FORWARD! aka Yang Gang Alliance

Finally, a party where truly nothing can get done.

The party’s platform envisions a departure from “rigid … one size fits all” policy pillars, instead saying its candidates will be united by broad themes meant to support freedom, help communities grow and bolster democracy, while seeking to emphasise problem solving over traditional partisan politics.

“The US badly needs a new political party


– one that reflects the moderate, common-sense majority,” they wrote.

That would be the democratic party.

“Some call third parties ‘spoilers’. But the system is already spoiled,” they wrote. “The two major parties have shut out competition, and America is suffering as a result.”

I mean, that is definitely not wrong.

Looking forward to the “building tour” starting soon.

Andrew Yang IS the poster boy for Neoliberalism (with Pete B a close runner up). Pro capitalism and pro liberal social programs. Good luck with that.

This sounds like it’s mostly a bunch of Republicans and Yang.

The merger involves the Renew America Movement, formed in 2021 by dozens of former officials in the Republican administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump; the Forward Party, founded by Yang, who left the Democratic Party in 2021 and became an independent; and the Serve America Movement, a group of Democrats, Republicans and independents whose executive director is former Republican congressman David Jolly.

Again this is not a “centrist” party, but a less jesus-y GOP.

Yup. That’s all I got.

Can we call them Lil Jeezy OP? It sounds fresher than Yang Gang, which, not gonna lie, sounds like the title of something on Pornhub.

For real though, Forward Party? Eh. It could use something better.

I’m still wondering what we’ll see come 2024. Biden really does need to sit out but where does that leave the rest of the Democratic field. But if (huge if) we were to ever have a centrist party, it might actually make things interesting. Imagine a Yang/Buttigieg ticket versus … ancient GOP or DEM offerings?

Not saying that would ever happen but it might be a way for a younger voting block to form up around younger candidates.

CA Gov Gavin Newsom is making a play for national attention - I think he has ambition for 2024 or 2028. I’m sure Harris will make a go in 2024 if Biden bows out or in 2028 otherwise.

Once again, crazed and extremist Centrists stab the Democratic Party in the back. Is there no end to the perfidy of these radical triangulators!?

Not sure if it’s mentioned in this story (I’m not giving Al Jazeera a click) but I read elsewhere that “this party, which is centrist, has no specific policies yet”.

Not only does that not inspire much confidence, but it needs to be detailed. Much of US politics is ying/yang (no pun intended) and each party simply takes the opposite track of what the other wants.

Were Conservative Party and Whig Party taken? Or is it just trying to capitalize on the downward momentum of En Marche?

They could go with the Great Leap Forward Party…

Who? Oh, right, the VP. Forgot all about her!


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Or the Dems without progressives. It’s like… trying to reestablish the Establishment by being anti-establishment?

I mean, it’s literally the Democrats without Democrats.


Finally a real use for that word!

I guess the good news is that it’s too late for them to fuck up the midterms, and they will have evaporated before 2024 rolls around.

Sorry for the slight derail, but did I miss something? I thought Al Jazeera was one of the few outlets out there doing real, good journalism? I think a lot of the clips used on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for obscure stories over the last few years almost always come from Al Jazeera.

I’m pretty sure this is a crypto rug pull. No policy agenda other than freedom. Looking forward to where the fundraising money goes.

Maybe I’m living in the past but I associate it with skewed news. Based on some quick research, they trend pretty highly reliable.