Forza 2: Let's Get It Started!

Since at least one of us hypothetically has the game, and many of us will have it tomorrow, I wanted to start an impressions thread. I did in fact get a wheel, although Best Buy still was selling it at the $149 price point. They assured me that if in fact a price drop was coming from MS, I could get the new price.

I have downloaded all the trailers and watched them more than once. While I don’t think I’ll be participating in the xbox live stuff much, I’m still really looking forward to this!!!

360 wheel for $104 shipped:

I am really excited for this game. I’ve played the demo to death and even built my own cockpit for it 2 days ago. I’ll be going on vacation at the end of the week so I am debating if I should pick it up tomorrow or not (might want some pocket cash for vacation or something).

I had a lot of fun with PGR3’s online integration and Forza 2 looks to be even more robust. If anything just trying to beat the lap times of my friends-specific leaderboard is hours of entertainment.

I really wish I’d had this game all weekend. I was jonesing for a game like this so bad, I actually brought out the original Forza again for my 360, and started over. I’d forgotten that the original game was such a disappointment graphics-wise. For some reason I always expect at least Gran Turismo 3 graphics from it.

And that soundtrack, uh. Plus, since its an original Xbox game, if I play something from my computer using the dashboard, once the game gets into the fourth menu or so, it abruptly stops playing the music. Damn. I had to try it. I guess I’ll have to burn a mx CD and transfer it to the 360 hard drive.

My consolation for this 3 day weekend was going to be Monday: I’d get to veg out and watch the early rounds of the French Open all day. But wait! They’re not showing any French Open coverage today on ESPN2 or on NBC! How can this be? Well it turns out, there’s a new channel called the Tennis Channel that I don’t get over here in Seattle that’s got exclusive coverage of the event today. Sheesh.

Please tell me that I can at least walk into a store tomorrow and buy this game. It’s not one of those deals where the game won’t get shipped until tomorrow is it? Since UPS and USPS and Fedex are taking the day off today, I don’t think anyone will be shipping anything today. So they better have the game already in stores and they’re just waiting for the street date to hit. That better be the case damn it! Does anyone know if that’s the case? Or will the game not be in stores until Wednesday?

I really can’t decide if I’m going to grab this. I enjoyed the first, but I suck at racing simulators. I usually prefer the more arcadey racers, like PGR.

Oh, if you’re in Canada, the 360 wireless wheel is $99 CDN at Best Buy and Future Shop.

Man. I’d buy it if I didn’t think it would suck. The GT3 racing wheel from logitech ate so much ass I took it back and have been soured on the idea.

Games NEVER ship before three day holidays, because game companies SUCK and are EVIL. Don’t get me started on the Crackdown / President’s Day fiasco earlier this year.

Don’t complain about a few days. Ship dates for Europe tend to be WEEKS after you lot get the games.

EB is telling me it is in stores tomorrow (that being Wednesday).

Edit: for not remembering today is Tuesday.

EB is telling me “Processing …” which I take to mean their shipping system runs on a 486 running in a warehouse somewhere that time forgot. I’ll be happy if I have it by Friday.

Got the same thing from the local Gamestop. Guess they didn’t pre-ship the game and hold it in the back for a street date. Probably means the big box stores won’t have it until later in the week.

Circuit City’s website says if you buy Forza 2 from them, you get a free Xbox 360 game that’s $19.99 or less. I think two games that qualify, at least from their website, are Table Tennis and The Outfit.

But when I called the local store, the guy had no idea what Forza 2 was, but when I told him, he said he’d check about the deal, then came back and told me they didn’t have any deal like that in the store. So either he was clueless, which is a strong possibility, or this is an online only deal with Circuity City’s website.

I preordered the limited edition but haven’t even gotten a shipping notice yet, so it’ll probably be a few more days for me. I’ve seen scattered reports of it showing up in stores, though some have already sold out.

It is definitely a “moron” syndrome. Crackdown came with a free Halo faceplate (oh the hilarity) and no one in the store knew what was going on but the register kept beeping stuff and adding the faceplate and $20 coupon automatically. “Uh, I guess you get this too?”. If we had a Best Buy in this area I would never go to Circuit City again. Their qualified training consistes of reading the back of the box to you when you have questions.

I checked Target, Circuit City, EB Games/Gamestop, and Walmart, no dice until Wednesday. This tends to happen all the time up here. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a game till one day after the release date (Upstate NY).

I am curious if the $20 circuit city deal could be applied to a higher priced game.

For Charles and wheel interest:

The Microsoft wheel is really a nice piece of hardware. Everything from the clamp to the Dpad (better than default 360 Dpad) is high quality. The only issue some people have taken is it doesn’t have a full 900 degrees of rotation. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t really drive McLaren’s like a school bus but some people are really pissed about it. From experience with PGR3, Forza 2 and DiRT it is enough and you rarely hit the max.

I really think it is just something you need to get used to. With all the ferrari’s and aston martin’s I’ve driven (none) i’ve heard it is the way real racing wheels work. Ah well, I love it.

Anyone manage to get a copy? Everyone said it’s coming in tomorrow, except for WalMart. Apparently they have it, but the boxes are marked with a June 5th street date.

Just got an automated phone call saying mine will be at Gamestop tomorrow before noon.

The $20 deal likely won’t work on another game. From what I remember from when I worked for Circuit, it’ll just be in the POS system and will ask for one of the qualifying UPC’s to be rung up. IIRC, two of the other $20 games are Cars and Lego SW II.

I checked mine and they had no idea, but the circular from this week did say that it was guaranteed to be in by 2 p.m. local time Wednesday. They get their shipments in by FedEx directly from the distributor now; they don’t come in on the regular trucks (I’m assuming this is to stop retail outlets from breaking street date).

I’ve used the wheel with both PGR3 and Test Drive Unlimited. With PGR3, it’s a dream, but it is very interesting to get used to after using a pad for so long. There’s a lot more fine control available with the wheel, and perhaps I haven’t adjusted to thinking with my feet as well as my hands. TDU’s default settings result in some serious force feedback oscillation, but they can be toned down to work really well.

I seem to recall that Forza was being designed with the wheel as the primary input expected, so I’m fully expecting that the experience will be amazing.

And what was said before is true. The construction of the wheel is very, very good. It feels sturdy and has lots of great little touches. It has the benefit of possessing both rumble and force feedback, and the force feedback is nice and strong.

It’s definitely worth the money at the new price.

Did you buy the “patch” for TDU, the expert mode that allegedly adjusted the game to be more realistic and less forgiving overall, and supposedly improved support for the wheel?

I’ve tried going to walmart around midnight about 5 times for various games, never has it worked. But… I am curious about trying it again. Has this ever worked for anyone with a 24hr retail store?

The only game in the past year or so that the Wal*Mart-at-midnight trick has worked for me on is Guitar Hero 2. Since it’s so rarely effective, I decided I can just wait another 12 hours or so.